Customs clearance with “Sea Way” – try it without prepayments and in 1 day!

The world around us does not stand still. New organizations, products and services are constantly appearing. And not a single subject of foreign economic activity can organize its work in such a way as not to move loads: raw materials, materials or finished products. The growth of labor specialization has led to the fact that specialized firms are engaged in transportation. Naturally, specialization leads to a decrease in the cost of services, which, in turn, makes it possible to move goods over long distances without increasing the margin. And now, bringing a container from China or Asia does not seem to be something super difficult. Sea Way is not the first company to start working in the field of maritime logistics and customs clearance, but we are definitely the best!

What services does our company provide?

Having worked for a long time in the cargo transportation market, we have gained invaluable experience and have come to a clear understanding of customers’ needs. We have built logistics, a network of warehouses, a network of carriers and a service for processing all kinds of special documents. The main place we focus on for our clients is customs. It is here that the greatest difficulties are concentrated with the declaration and customs clearance of goods. Our company provides the following list of services:

delivery of goods and vehicles from 233 countries of the world;
customs clearance of cars;
delivery of groupage cargo;
delivery of goods in containers;
forwarding in the ports of Odessa, Yuzhny, Chernomorsk;
registration of port documents;
customs broker services;
delivery to the warehouse to the consignee.

Each item is not just a proposal, it is a well-thought-out formula of interaction, ranging from communication with a client, channels and methods of communication, a personal manager, and ending with a flexible list of related services. And all this is documented in the form of a contract, with detailed obligations of the parties.

Container shipping

In this direction, we provide such a service as warehouse-to-warehouse transportation. Moreover, the sender’s warehouse can be located in any region of Asia, Indonesia, China, Japan, Australia or North America. You can find out the approximate cost of delivery of a 20-foot or 40-foot sea container on the page “container transportation”. Pay attention to the delivery rates for standard 40 DV and high 40 HC containers – in most directions they are the same, and the volume is 9m3 larger. And, of course, profitable discounts when ordering three or more units!

We are also engaged in cargo insurance: small (from 50 kg) and groupage (several vehicles of different recipients in one container). This service is especially in demand when we pick up the goods directly from the sender’s warehouse. We deliver to the loading port and place on the ship leaving for the recipient country. During this operation, the goods, as a rule, already belong to the customer, and we have no right to let him deteriorate.

Purchase and delivery of cars from overseas

Recently, the direction of bringing cars from the USA, Canada and South Korea has noticeably grown. Buyers are attracted by the low price of a car in a light used condition or after an accident of the “wing-bumper” type. Added motivation to buyers and the abolition by Ukraine in 2014 of the mandatory recycling fee paid by a motorist when importing used vehicles. The highlight of such an acquisition is the significant difference in prices for service station services in Ukraine and, for example, in the USA. The difference is so great that it covers shipping and customs clearance costs.

We can offer such buyers:

redemption of a self-selected car or one selected according to the parameters by us at one of three auctions: Copart, Insurance or Manheim;
delivery of a car or jeep to the port of Odessa;
forwarding in the port;
customs clearance by our customs broker;
parking and moving in the port;
delivery across Ukraine.

Let’s take a closer look at what the import clearance of a car or motorcycle consists of. The main payments are excise duty, customs duty and VAT. Additional fees will be paid for port forwarding and broker services. The certificate of compliance with road standards is not directly related to the work of customs, but it is required to register a car as a vehicle.

Container shipping website functionality

We have been creating our website for a long time and carefully, that is why it is so detailed and informative. On its pages you will find not just a listing of the advantages, but also:

important information on shipping costs;
directions and ports from which we deliver consignments of goods;
list of documents required for registration;
approximate deadlines.

The factors on which the delivery price depends are considered in great detail. Based on the information received at the Odessa customs, we have compiled an online calculator that will help a potential buyer calculate the amount of customs payments.

How not to pay extra money for shipping?

Our company provides transport and brokerage services. In terms of traffic volume, we have long ago reached the international level. Only from China we deliver