The Sea Way company is engaged in the purchase of cars from auctions and trading floors in South Korea and their delivery to Ukraine. We will deliver the desired model under the order quickly, professionally, and at an affordable price.

Recently, the delivery of cars from Korea has been very popular, despite the fact that the choice of models here is less than in Europe or the USA. Korean cars are attractive due to their value for money. In this Asian country, many cars are produced, they have a well-established manufacturing system, but the cost is still lower than European cars.

Features and benefits of buying a car in Korea

We will help you buy an inexpensive car that has not been in an accident, is in good working order – you can use it immediately after receiving it. Benefits include:

  • On Korean cars, factory gas equipment or diesel is installed, if you order a model with installed gas equipment, you can save up to $ 1000, since you do not have to install the system in Ukraine. And since the equipment was installed at the factory, there is no doubt about its quality.
  • The cost of the car is 20-25% lower than the cost of a similar model in Europe.
  • You can get a car from Korea on gas in 2 months from the date of order.
  • Whole cars are offered in the Korean market, unlike US auctions. Detailed information is always available for each car.

There is a huge selection of cars in Korea, well-known brands Hyundai, Kia, Renault, Dawewoo and others offer models that can be bought only in the domestic market of Asia, that is, in Ukraine it will not be possible to order it in a car dealership.

What cars are profitable to buy

The Korean market has the most offers for the purchase of such cars as Kia K5 / Optima and Hyundai Sonata, under the age of 4 years. Also, Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson are often found in the crossover body.

It will be most profitable to order cars with gas or diesel fuel, especially considering the prices for gasoline in Ukraine. According to the internal law of Korea, indigenous people cannot buy HBO under 5 years old, only pensioners and beneficiaries have such a permit. Accordingly, you can order a car starting from 2014, such models are only exported.

Hyundai and KIA cars with factory gas-cylinder equipment of the 5th generation have undoubtedly huge advantages:

  • LPI – engine;
  • 1,000,000 km – gas engine resource;
  • about 900 km without refueling;
  • 40% more economical than a bin Full range of services for successful sea transport and customs clearance Save your fuel budget.
  • Replacing the gas filter every 80,000 km.

Car delivery from Korea using containers

Container transportation is the most convenient, safe and affordable method of car transportation. Sea Way Company offers to drive a car from Korea on gas in a container, using sea transport. A car in a container remains safe, it is protected from external influences, mechanical damage, sun, water and temperature. We use high-quality and functional containers that will ensure the complete safety of the machine.

With this method of transportation, you need to know the nuances, in particular: before transportation, you should drain the fuel, remove the battery, dismantle the spoilers and set the required tire pressure. Our experts know everything about the intricacies of transportation, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of the car. We will also correctly and securely fix the car inside the container so that it does not move even with strong vibrations, and we will prepare all the documentation for transportation.

The container perfectly protects against external influences, and is well suited for the combined arrangement of goods. There are containers for several cars, which makes transportation cheaper.

Car delivery from Korea RO RO

The total cost of car delivery from Korea RO RO is only 1600 $

  • Incheon / Busan – Chornomorsk: $ 1150.
  • Feasibility study in Korea: $ 200.
  • Feasibility study in Chernomorsk: $ 250.
  • Customs broker services in Chornomorsk: $ 300.
Sea Way will help to bring cars from Korea to Ukraine

We offer a full range of transportation services: starting with ordering a car, ending with its customs clearance in Ukraine.

The company will help you:

  • Select a car model and check it for serviceability, the presence of records of accidents and repairs.
  • Order the right car.
  • Create the most convenient route.
  • Check the goods before loading.
  • Place it in a container, secure it according to the rules.
  • Provide forwarding in the port, control loading.
  • Control the delivery and unloading of goods.

We will also help you collect all the documents for transportation and customs clearance. The company provides a full range of transport services, we can deliver the desired cargo to any point in Ukraine.

We also arrange car insurance for the delivery period.

It is profitable to buy a car from Korea on gas to Ukraine, you can get a new car at an affordable price. It is much cheaper than ordering a car from Europe or the USA, where there is a high risk of stumbling upon broken vehicles in poor condition.

Transit time is 55 days. As a result, you receive a customs-cleared car with all the documents from customs at the ferry crossing of Chernomorsk. Payment for our services after customs clearance.

Benefits of cooperation

Cooperating with us, you will receive a high-quality, serviceable car from Asia.

  • We transport cars by sea, this is the safest method.
  • The company provides car registration services.
  • We work with Korean suppliers directly, bypassing intermediaries. Thanks to this, our price is lower than that of our competitors.
  • Average delivery time is 40-45 days (to port), additional transportation will take longer.
  • We will provide full information support during the registration and transportation of goods, the manager will be in touch with you 24/7.
  • We guarantee the safety of the car and compliance with the terms of transportation.

The company employs professional logisticians and lawyers who will ensure fast and safe transportation. If you have any questions, you can ask our managers right now by calling.

Recently, gasoline prices have a constant upward trend, and the Ukrainian market has been using an alternative type of fuel for a long time – gas. In this regard, I propose to draw your attention to the delivery and sale of vehicles with a purely gas engine from the domestic market of Korea.

The Ukrainian car market is characterized by a large number of cars with a 4-generation gas installation. It has both pros and cons. Korean cars are equipped with an LPi engine, which, in essence, is a factory installation of the 5th generation of LPG equipment, which does not require any structural modifications or the intervention of technical specialists. On the 5th generation of LPG, there is no reducer in which the gas turns into a vaporous state, respectively, there is no need to use a gasoline mixture for cooling or to warm up the engine so that it reaches operating temperatures. Moreover, there is no gas tank on Korean cars, the cars only use gas. The gas flows through the injectors directly into the combustion chamber of the engine. According to the scheme of work, such a fuel supply is similar to that of GDI gasoline engines or the Commonrail diesel system.

The market of Korean car manufacturers is represented by the following brands:

  • Hyundai
  • KIA Motors
  • Renault Samsung
  • Ssangyong
  • GMDaewoo

Hyundai and KIA cars are in the greatest demand, we are talking about the following models:

Now a few words about the ways and methods of purchasing cars and their differences. Firstly, in Korea there are certain restrictions on the sale of used cars, most often cars that have been in operation for about 3 years are offered for sale. To facilitate the development of business and protect the interests of its own manufacturers, the Korean government imposes additional taxes. tax on owners of cars less than 3 years old, in case they want to sell their car for export. Therefore, that current moment, most often cars of 2014-2016 model year are sent to Ukraine.

Second, it should be understood that the vast majority of these vehicles were used in commercial activities (taxi, rental car, personal taxi, delivery service, etc.). This does not mean that they are in poor technical condition, but at the same time, most of these cars have mileage from 100 thousand km.

Third, the place of purchase. At the moment, there are 3 known directions in the purchase of these cars:

  • Internal auctions (Lotte, AJ, etc.)
  • Purchasing cars directly from rentals, banks, etc. website

It is considered the largest online platform for selling used cars for export in Korea. In fact, this is an analogue of the Ukrainian sites or, with the only difference that in Ukraine both “private traders” and car dealerships are published there, and legal entities and used equipment dealers work on


  • a huge market for used cars;
  • managers who are ready to answer questions of interest within their competence;
  • loyal prices for cars;
  • a large number of photographs of the car, for review;
  • you can find a car of any configuration and for any price segment.


  • runs are twisted on ALL cars;
  • often sold cars that have been recovered after an accident;
  • it is impossible to trace the “history of the car”, dealers only give a certificate of deregistration;
  • in fact, the potential customer is buying a pig in a poke.

It makes sense to use this site if you are engaged in purely resale of cars, or if there is an opportunity at the service station to bring possible flaws to an adequate state.

Internal auctions

At internal auctions, rentals sell their cars, which they decided to replace for one reason or another. Held in Korea, 2-3 times a week.


  • you can track the history of the car;
  • it is possible to check the car before purchase – paintwork, damage to the body;
  • selection of cars according to the client’s criteria;


  • a Korean company is needed for bidding at domestic auctions, so most often sellers in Ukraine either fly to Korea themselves to find contacts with such companies, either find them remotely, or open their own companies;
  • for verification, a company representative must go to the auction site and inspect the cars on their own;
  • prices may be slightly higher than on

Purchase directly from rentals, banks, etc. Cars that have not yet been put up for auction, you can try to pick them up from their real owners for a lower price.


  • you can track the history of the car;
  • it is possible to check the car before purchase – paintwork, damage to the body;
  • selection of cars according to the client’s criteria;
  • sellers themselves can advise which cars are in good condition;
  • often sold in lots of 5-7 pieces;


  • a Korean company is definitely needed, for which these cars will be purchased and which will act as an exporter.
  • often cars are sold in extremely cheap trim levels, it is necessary to bring them to an adequate condition or sell at a lower price in the configuration in which they go.

Car delivery methods from Korea.

At the moment, we can consider 2 ways of delivering cars from Korea – sending cars by containers or Ro-Ro services (K-Line, MOL).

To make the transportation economically feasible, 4 cars are usually loaded into a container and sent to the ports of “Big Odessa”. The peculiarities of such a dispatch are that the machines can be damaged during loading / unloading, in addition, it is necessary to wait for consolidation until 4 machines are typed to be dispatched.

Loading scheme:

Sending cars by a car carrier means cars entering the ship on their own, usually all new cars are sent this way.

On board the vessel, they are attached in such a way as not to cause damage during transport. Cars arrive at the ferry complex in Chornomorsk, where they are unloaded to the warehouse.

The cost of a set of services.

In case the cargo is sent in a container. The cost of loading and freight to the ports of Ukraine is about 950-1000 USD. USA for a car, provided that 4 cars are loaded into a container.

Upon arrival of the container in Ukraine, it is necessary to go through the following steps:

  • unloading a container from a ship;
  • disbandment of the container;
  • car forwarding;
  • customs clearance.

In total, the standard rate for the port of Odessa (Euroterminal) is currently 550-650 dollars for a range of services, but additional charges are added to this amount. expenses such as storage of a container, parking at the terminal, etc. and a separate broker.

The cost of storing a car in the port is $ 4 / day (for the first 10 days), then the cost of storage increases.

This rate does not include the cost of certification and rework of the gas valve, which differs from the Ukrainian standard.

In the case of sending a car by a car carrier, the cost of freight is calculated from the volume that the car occupies, on average, the cost of delivery falls within the range of 1450-1550 dollars. The rate includes costs for the port, unloading, forwarding, brokerage are paid separately – 300 dollars. USA for the complex. It also does not include the cost of certification and rework of the gas valve. The cost of customs clearance of such cars ranges from $ 2,200 to $ 4100, depending on the model and year of manufacture (prices as of July-August 2019).

The price of similar cars in Ukraine:

  1. The car is in basic configuration, with air conditioning, without heated steering wheel, seats, without cruise control. Price – $ 14,000 USA

2. A similar vehicle as standard. Price – $ 17,500.00 USA.

3. Comparable equipment with the selected vehicle. Price – $ 17,000.00 USA

The scheme for buying a car is as follows:

  • After choosing a car, the Korean side issues an invoice for payment for the car. When it comes to individuals, most often they pay through Privatbank.
  • The client pays the invoice for the selected car + the cost of freight forwarders in Korea. This completes the initial payments.
  • Upon the arrival of the cars in Chornomorsk, it is necessary to pay for sea freight, a set of services for unloading a car from a ferry, forwarding services, brokerage services, payment to customs for customs clearance, EURO-5 certification and replacement of a gas valve.
  • As Agents in Ukrainian ports, we can collect freight payments in Ukraine, so we will collect the cost of sea transportation after the arrival of the vessel. This allows you to save working capital and invest it, say, in another car.

Frequently asked Questions

The procedure for buying and customs clearance of a car from Korea

Cars can be bought in the Korean domestic market directly from the owner or at an auction. Its delivery is carried out by sea. Customs clearance takes place after unloading a car on the territory of Ukraine. All necessary procedures are done by a customs broker.

How long does it take to clear a car from Korea?

Self-customs clearance can take a lot of time and will cost more due to the need to pay for car storage in the port, customs brokers will do everything in 3-4 days.

What documents are needed for customs clearance of a car from Korea to Ukraine?

To make customs clearance, you need to provide a document confirming the cost of the car and a certificate of compliance with environmental safety standards of the Euro-5 class.

Car delivery methods from Korea

It is most profitable to deliver a car from Korea by sea. On average, it takes 40-45 days. The machines can be loaded into a special container of 4 pieces. or delivered by a special auto transporter, into which the car drives in on its own, and does not load. The second method maximally excludes the possibility of damage during transportation.