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Engine power hp
Maximum speed km/h
Battery capacity kW
Power reserve before 338 km

15600 $

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Save the planet for your children

More than 100 million people are already using environmentally friendly transport in the world

Environmental safety

Due to the absence of emissions into the atmosphere

Better acceleration and deceleration dynamics

Fast torque electric motor

Fuel savings

Electricity is much cheaper than petroleum products

Service is more profitable than for cars with internal combustion engines

Since the design is much simpler than that of a car with an internal combustion engine

More stable in corners, which prevents rollover

Safer due to downward center of gravity

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Conclusion of a contract


Car reservation with VIN code and prepayment of 1000 $


Payment to China for a car


Delivery from China to Chornomorsk


Customs clearance


Payment for transportation, services of a port forwarding agent, customs broker


Delivery in Ukraine

Compare electric cars with ICE cars and see the benefits

Cost of 100 km of run
Maintenance cost
Customs clearance cost

Electric car

Cost of 100 km of run0,5$ - 2$
Maintenance cost40$ - 80$
Customs clearance cost 1 Euro for 1 kW of battery capacity

Car with internal combustion engine

Cost of 100 km of run6$ - 25$
Maintenance cost150$ - 400$
Customs clearance costDuty 10%, VAT 20%, Excise duty

We have been working with Chinese
and car manufacturers since 2015

More than 5,000 customers have already entrusted us with their cars

We work directly

With trusted Chinese manufacturers

Without intermediaries

We provide the services for delivery, forwarding in the port and customs clearance


Delivered and cleared more than 5000 vehicles

Turnkey car

  • Choice in China
  • Purchase
  • Delivery to Ukraine
  • Intra-port forwarding
  • Customs broker services
  • Certification
  • Registration with MREO
  • Home delivery to recipient
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Detailed consultations on the company's work, cost of services, customs clearance prices can be obtained daily from 9.00 to 18.00 except Saturday and Sunday by phone:

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