Despite the fact that Ukrainian importers profitable ordered goods from China, shipping goods from China and the complexity related to foreign trade activities, seriously restrict cooperation between the two countries. Companies and entrepreneurs of Ukraine, fear of difficulties and risks, sometimes deliberately refuse to trade with Chinese suppliers, depriving themselves of the benefits associated with it – low prices and high income with the sale of products from Asian manufacturers.

Therefore, an international freight forwarding company Sea Way offers customers who want to simplify foreign trade and cooperation with foreign suppliers, service “door to door”. It includes a full range of logistics and brokerage services:

  • shipping goods from China by sea with the unloading in the port of Odessa or Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk);
  • insurance and customs clearance;
  • unloading in the port and shipping containers to consignees in Ukraine.

This service is especially beneficial for importers cooperating with several suppliers, and businesses or entrepreneurs, procuring goods in small quantities, because it includes the possibility of acquisition of cargoes at Chinese ports for delivery to Ukraine.

How does delivery to Ukraine from China on a “door to door”?

Shipping containers from China to the system of “door to door” – this is the easiest way to import Chinese goods to Ukraine, because the freight forwarding company Sea Way takes all the hassle associated with logistics and border crossing. As an intermediary between the shipper and the consignee, we:

  • contact with foreign partners, to ship goods from China, and communicate with officials at the port of shipment and destination;
  • We carry out the declaration and clearance of goods crossing the customs border, according to the law;
  • conduct and document control timely payment of mandatory payments.

Developing routes, selecting the optimum cargo carrier, the formulation of accompanying documents, the nuances of local and international bureaucracy and negative experiences with officials – provide companies SeaWay solve all these problems for you. All that is required from the client to the container shipping from China passed quickly and quietly, it is to point out how and where to deliver the goods, and at the agreed time to open the doors of its warehouse to unload the goods delivered and cleared.

Export of goods from Ukraine abroad (delivery in China or the United States) or delivery of goods in containers from other countries are carried out under the same scheme: SeaWay company provides a service on a “turnkey”, and the customer only needs to pay bills in a timely manner:

  • sea freight and overhead costs associated with the logistics of the consignor in the country, are paid into the container unloading in Odessa or Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk);
  • Other costs, including customs clearance and forwarding agent services are paid at receipt.

Delivery China-Ukraine on the principle “from door to door” – is a reliable and affordable service available to everyone. It includes the cost of freight cargo container transport logistics on the territory of China and Ukraine, brokerage and compulsory payments: port charges, VAT, duties and excise.

Delivery to Ukraine from China (From port to port) occupies from 35 to 40 days. Term of cargo handling in China depends on action by the consignor, the distance from the sea port, the need for acquisition of cargoes and other factors, and the time of delivery of the goods from Odessa or Chernomorska (Ilyichevsk) to the customer’s warehouse – the consignee of the chosen mode of transportation.

To calculate how much it will cost and how long it will take delivery of the China sea of your product, write an e-mail or call:

  • +380 (48) 772-41-00;
  • +380 (50) 391-75-52;
  • +380 (67) 009-52-52.

Frequently asked questions and answers:

Question: In what terms your company delivers “door to door” from China?
Answer: Container takes 35 – 40 days from the date of loading of the container prior to the filing of the warehouse to the recipient.

Question: What is the minimum consignment can deliver your company from door to door?
Answer: Minimum order – is one cubic meter.

Question: Is it possible to use the service of transportation of containers through the system from door to door with the used equipment?
Answer: Yes, of course you can.

Question: Can I pay for shipping and customs clearance at receipt?
Answer: Freight sea and the costs of sending the goods in the country of the sender shall be paid upon the arrival of the container at the Odessa port or Ilyichevsk. The remaining costs, including customs clearance and payable upon receipt of the goods.

Question: Can you take on the dialogue with our foreign partners about the shipment?
Answer: Yes, of course. Our agents are always associated with the sender to agree on the date of filing of the container for loading.

Question: What is the maximum capacity of the containers?
Answer: The gross load weight should not exceed 28 tons.