Infrastructure cargo ports of Odessa and the Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk) “sharpened” under a large customer service and continuous handling of goods around the clock. Therefore, many legal entities and private entrepreneurs, not wanting to delve into the features of the internal logistics and nuances of interaction between the individual seaports services bought forwarding services, entrusting all intra-operation for cargo handling specialized companies.

Forwarding company  –is an intermediary between the shipper and the consignee. It is engaged in activities related to freight, and provides customers with a wide range of services. Acting in the interests of customers, forwarding companies provide unloading of ships, warehousing of consignments pending the export or transit, loading of goods by road or rail transport, and perform other functions necessary for the rapid passage of goods through the port.

Port forwarding of cargo – a complex of services related to the processing of containers, bulk and packaged cargoes in the cargo port. It is the competent organization of work and close cooperation with the agents of shipping lines, terminals and services of the port, customs and other state authorities.

Working with representatives of shipping companies, port services and the officials, organizations engaged in freight forwarding in the port, provide and control:

  • cargo handling;
  • weighing and inspection of containers;
  • customs clearance, duties and fees intraport;
  • custom documentation and accompanying documents.

The existence of a large number of companies providing services in freight forwarding Ukrainian ports explained demand for this service. Importers and exporters, soberly assessing the situation, understand that a professional forwarding company helps to save money and reduce the time of handling.

Services forwarding companies – it saves time and money customers.

  • Savings. Every hour of the cargo in the seaport paid. Experienced forwarders reduce the residence time of the goods on cargo terminals to a minimum. Therefore, the cost of their services – considerably less than the costs that may be incurred by the importer, trying to deal with registration of the cargo, relying solely on their own resources.
  • saving of time. Companies working in the field of forwarding, familiar with the peculiarities of the internal ports and logistics specifics clearance. Therefore, the goods do not stay in the warehouses and customs and promptly served on the loading cars or wagons.

Sea Way – a professional approach to freight forwarding

From the competence and professionalism of the forwarder depend on the terms of cargo handling and safety of the goods during warehousing, storage and transportation. Therefore, the correct choice of the forwarding company in Odessa or Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk) – is the key to the rapid completion of all customs and port procedures and the lack of unexpected expenses.

Sea Way International freight forwarding company has been working since 2005 and offers “turnkey” full range of services for handling containers, bulk and general cargo in the Ukrainian seaports. Our specialists:

  • doing “paperwork” and draw up financial and supporting documents necessary for unloading, storage and further shipment of goods to consignees;
  • coordinate with port and logistics processes of public services and customs clearance of goods on behalf of clients;
  • perform calculations with cargo terminals and control the payment of duties, excise duties and taxes;
  • timely inform the customers about the status and stages of handling.

Thanks to cooperation agreements signed with the port authorities, the company SeaWay lowest prices for freight forwarding in the ports of Odessa and the Black Sea (Ilyichevsk). For regular customers, regularly carrying out export-import operations, special tariffs.