The main problem for Ukrainian entrepreneurs and legal entities wishing to cooperate with Chinese manufacturers, is to find reliable partners – suppliers in China shippers and ready to take on all the hassle associated with the container delivery and customs clearance of goods in Ukraine. These constraints to effective cooperation with factories in China and obtain a stable profits from the sale of Chinese goods in Ukraine, it is easy to get around with the help of the company Sea Way – expert in delivery of containers and cargoes from China.

Thanks to the company’s services Seaway you can, without leaving your own office:

  • to choose the most profitable and the most promising among Chinese suppliers manufacturers producing products that interest you;
  • check the quality of products supplied for shipping a container from China;
  • to carry out settlements with Chinese suppliers.

Selection of suppliers in China

To order the goods from China to Ukraine, it is necessary to find the manufacturer or vendor that implements the required products at competitive price. Without knowledge of foreign languages, and the specifics of the local market is difficult to make the right choice of thousands of Chinese factories and shops of all sizes, from large enterprises operating on the European and US markets, to the handicraft industries, producing low-cost consumer goods.

SeaWay company specializes in finding manufacturers in China. Knowing the names, amounts of supply, the technical characteristics of the goods necessary for you, as well as the requirements for their quality, design and labeling of our agents in China will select suitable suppliers and provide information about them:

  • contact details and phone numbers;
  • general information about the company, its speed and the presence of international certificates;
  • payment terms of orders and deliveries of products;
  • characteristics of the goods with photos and detailed descriptions.

Information is provided within one working week. The cost of services – UAH 1500 for each vendor provided the search no more than three items.

Inspection of goods in China

Cheap goods from China to Ukraine are in demand thanks to an affordable price. However, domestic consumers have requirements and product quality. To adjust the supply of high-quality products, it is necessary to carry out inspection of the manufacturer and check the packaging of goods in a container in a warehouse provider.

Inspection of goods employees and agents of SeaWay in China – is the ability to organize delivery of production without the risk faced with inadequate quality or incompleteness of cargo. It includes:

  • count of cargo units or weigh products;
  • comparison of the data with information on the packing list;
  • labeling and packaging inspection;
  • photography loading and filling of the container;
  • container weighing the empty and loaded conditions;
  • validation of entering data in the export declaration, packing list, invoice, bill of lading and other documents.

Fees for inspection – $ 300 per container, plus shipping costs. Offices Sea Way company in China working in Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao and Dalian.

Integrated solution of issues related to the supply of goods from China

With SeaWay company can solve all the problems on the supply of goods from China, including payment of suppliers of goods and delivery of goods in Ukraine.

  • How to pay for the goods? SeaWay offers transfers to China on favorable terms. Fee – 1% of the contract price specified on the invoice, plus $ 100. Calculations are made in UAH or dollars. Payment can be made by bank transfer.
  • How to deliver the goods to Ukraine? Goods from China to Ukraine delivered by air transport (3 to 15 working days) or by sea (30-45 days from port to port). Unloading and customs clearance of goods – in the Ukrainian seaports (Odessa or Chernomorsk) and major aviation hubs (Borispol, Odessa, etc.). There are shipping products from China to the system of “door to door” and the acquisition of cargoes. The minimum volume of cargo to which the company operates, – 1 m ?.

Other questions about how to order the goods from China to Ukraine, you can ask the specialists of SeaWay online, by email or by phone:

  • +380 (48) 772-41-00;
  • +380 (50) 391-75-52;
  • +380 (67) 009-52-52.

Delivery from China