The cost of customs clearance of goods in Ukraine: the calculation algorithm and calculator

customs clearance of goods in Ukraine


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Everyone who wants to bring into the territory of Ukraine of any goods inevitably confronted with the procedure of customs clearance - a complex of actions and activities that are necessary for the legitimate movement of goods across the border. One of the major "surprises" for the unprepared importer for the first time engaged in foreign economic activity, will be the price of customs clearance, which could negate all the benefits of purchasing goods or raw materials abroad.


Price customs clearance laid in overhead and importers must take into account when planning the supply from abroad, because the cost of customs clearance is often the factor that separates a winning business strategy from failure.



The cost of customs clearance in Ukraine, namely the duty rates are regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On Unified Customs Tariff", which defines the rates of import duty in the amount of from 0 to 20% for each product or group under the Ukrainian classification of foreign economic activity goods (UKTVED), and numerous regulations.

To calculate the cost of customs clearance, should also be considered excise duty and VAT (20% - on a common basis, 7% - for health products), in some cases, anti-dumping duties.


Customs clearance (calculation of its value - not a trivial task for a person inexperienced in the intricacies and nuances of clearance at the customs office) is not an insurmountable obstacle to customer brokerage SeaWay. We have developed a cost calculator for customs clearance, allowing yourself to calculate how much it will cost the customs clearance of goods imported to Ukraine in accordance with current rates and tariffs established by the current legislation.


Customs calculator It eliminates the need to delve into the intricacies of legislation and understand the customs rates. Get with it, how much it costs to clear of a particular cargo in Ukrainian ports will not be difficult.


How to calculate the cost of customs clearance of goods in Ukraine itself?


To find out how much of your customs clearance of the goods, enter the information into the appropriate line:

  • country of origin;
  • Product code according to UKT VED;
  • currency contracts (US dollar, British pound sterling, the euro or ruble);
  • value of the goods in the currency.


calculation algorithm takes into account all the factors on the basis of which carried out the customs clearance. The calculator shows the value calculated based on the actual rates and excise duties.

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