Payment of freight services – a significant part of overheads for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in the import of goods from Asia. From that, how much is shipping from China to Ukraine depends on the amount of profit, which is produced by enterprises and businessmen working with Chinese suppliers, and sometimes the fact of cooperation with foreign partners.

To date, the most efficient way to transport cargo is transported on container ships. How much is shipping from China to Ukraine by sea? Shipping cost depends on the size of the container, the port of loading and unloading, and the average is from 500 to 1150 dollars. Transportation refrigerators that require connection to the onboard power supply vessel for continuous operation of the refrigerator, and other non-standard or special containers (road, tankers, bulk containers, or other.) Is more expensive.

Actual freight rates for container transport 20DV, 40DV and 40HC to the most popular destinations can be found on the page “Container cargo”. Cost of transportation of other types of containers or shipping rates from Chinese ports, not listed on the website, you can check with the logistics specialists. Write mail or call the number below to quickly get an accurate and competent response to your request.

Is it possible to deliver the goods from China even cheaper? Yes! In SeaWay companies can get good discounts on the maritime container cargo transportation:

  • from 3% to 5% – ordering three or more delivery containers;
  • up to 10% – ordering package (plus shipping from China customs clearance in Ukraine).

Working with Chinese suppliers, is not necessarily a freight container (volume – 33 cubic meters) for the carriage of small consignments. SeaWay The company provides services for the delivery of cargoes: everything for multiple consignees are accumulated in a warehouse in the port and sent to Ukraine as filling containers. In this case, the value of the minimum delivery.

Delivery time is no less important than its price. Shipping lines that fly from China, Ukraine, the containers are transported by an average of 25-45 days. The delivery time depends on the schedule of vessel traffic and destination in Ukraine. They can be specified at registration of the application in the company SeaWay call:

  • +380 (48) 772-41- 00;
  • +380 (50) 391-75- 52.

Alternative delivery of goods from China

In addition to container shipping, delivery of goods from China via air transport or by rail. But it must be borne in mind that:

  • air – the most expensive of the existing methods of transportation. They benefit only in case of need for urgent delivery of small consignments of goods;
  • shipping w / d is faster than by sea. But it is several times more expensive than the sea. Besides the regular railway communication between Ukraine and China yet. Therefore, to ensure delivery of the goods on time is impossible.