Container shipping

The development of world logistics today is carried out at a rapid pace, and one of the most demanded directions in this area is container transportation . Delivery of goods packed in standardized returnable containers allows large , medium and small businesses to conduct international activities .

Cargo transportation using containers, depending on the route and the characteristics of their contents, can be performed by several types of transport – sea, road, rail , air, as well as multimodal , using several types. Each of the methods of transporting goods has its own advantages and disadvantages, and is chosen taking into account many factors. According to statistics, it shipping containers are tsya most popular . The main reason for its popularity is the economic feasibility of long-distance cargo transportation.

Company Sea Way – a reliable organizer and performer of container transport by sea transport

SeaWay is an international forwarding company that has been providing a wide range of transport and logistics services in Ukraine since 2005. We are working in all areas, and offer our clients the transportation of goods and of China, South Korea, Europe , Asia and America.

Over time, we have been able to develop an optimal scheme of cooperation that allows us today to confidently occupy a leading position among competing companies and firms. Our goal is to make delivery fast , safe, profitable for the client, and at the same time, minimizing the participation of the customer at all stages of container movement. We take care of all responsible for the loading, execution of documents, unloading and storage to each of our customers will appreciate the quality service and comfort.

Advantages of the SeaWay company

By contacting us, each client will appreciate a number of benefits and advantages. We offer the following:

  • We carry out turnkey delivery of goods. The company’s specialists have vast experience in the field of logistics services, and therefore they know all the subtleties and peculiarities of transportation. The import and export of goods is accompanied by a full package of services.
  • We work in all directions. Regardless of where in the world it is necessary to deliver the container or from which country to bring it to Ukraine, we will select the most suitable transportation conditions, with the development of the optimal route.
  • Loyal pricing policy. For our clients, we have developed favorable rates for international container shipping by water transport, which makes our competitors seriously nervous.
  • Prompt delivery. We always try to make delivery times as short as possible, and when concluding a contract with a client, we announce the approximate date of arrival of the vessel at the port . Transportation time depends on many factors, but we try our best to shorten it.
  • We work with all types of cargo, including dangerous , perishable, oversized . Thanks to the professionalism of the forwarders, all delivery conditions and requirements are met.
  • Insurance allows our clients to be sure that the contents of the container will be intact and safe.

That is why customers trust us with sea transport.

Advantages of container shipping

Sea transportation in special containers has a number of advantages and features, and it is thanks to them that they have gained popularity all over the world. It:

  • Using groupage containers, it is possible to simultaneously transport the goods of several customers.
  • This delivery method is economically beneficial . This is due to the low fuel consumption . Importing and exporting goods is inexpensive.
  • Intercontinental transportation. Suitable for routes outside the mainland, and for goods whose dimensions or features do not allow them to be transported by air.
  • The customs clearance process for transportation is carried out according to a simplified procedure in comparison with the use of other types of transport. This saves customers time, and even their money.
  • The use of containers allows you to safely , while maintaining integrity, transport cargo over long distances. This helps to reduce the risk of loss, damage, and also prevents external influences on the goods.
  • Mechanized handling operations require a minimum number of operations.
  • Sea container transportation is carried out regularly, without interruption, and everyone can use this direction of logistics.

Regardless of whether you are interested in the transportation of goods for import or export , transportation will be the most profitable and convenient option.

Types of containers

Depending on the characteristics of the transported goods, their volume and weight, as well as the storage conditions of goods delivered to Ukraine , the type of container is selected . Today, using the following types:

  • “Dry” ( Dry ) – containers in which dry goods are transported. There are models 20, 40 feet , in which you can maintain a fixed temperature inside to comply with the storage conditions of goods.
  • Containers with built-in refrigeration units ( Reefer ).
  • For transportation of goods with unlimited height ( Open Top ).
  • For oversized cargo (in height and width) – Flat Rack .

The correct selection of the container ensures the safety of the contents and the safety of transportation, and therefore this criterion should not be neglected. Our company, engaged in sea container transportation, takes a responsible approach to this issue, and guarantees that goods transported from other countries to Ukraine and in the opposite direction will be delivered intact.

What does cooperation with our company look like?

To cooperate with SeaWay was comfortable and pleasant for the customer, we act as follows: discussing all the details regarding the type of products and their characteristics , customer requirements to the conditions of transport , refine the nuances regarding documents for the cargo. Then the procedure looks like this:

  • After discussing all the issues, we conclude an agreement with the client for the provision of transport and logistics services.
  • We plan the route of transportation and approve it with the customer .
  • We carry out work on packaging and labeling of cargo, we ensure its delivery to the port.
  • We carry out customs clearance in accordance with the laws of the country from where or where the goods are transported.
  • We carry out cargo transportation in compliance with all standards, norms and customer requirements.
  • At the client’s request, we track the vessel and the container on it.
  • We deliver to the recipient country .
  • We unload containers, and, if necessary , provide warehouse storage services (or delivery to the recipient’s warehouse ).

At any stage of cooperation, clients can find out where the cargo is located, what services have already been performed and what the next step of our company will be.

Service prices . Discounts.

Our company carries out container transportation of goods at very attractive prices . In addition, for our customers there are favorable discounts that allow you to significantly reduce capital investments for the import or export of goods.

More information about the cost of delivery of goods from different ports of the world to Odessa and Chornomorsk , as well as the containers used for this and the timing of transportation, can be found on our website or by contacting the manager by phone. It should be borne in mind that every week there is a change of freight rates, so the exact amount you will be able to know when l ary reference to the representative of the company SEAWAY .

Freight rates are changed every week. Standard rates for container transportation from China and other popular destinations are listed in the table.

Do you want to know the current cost of freight?

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