If you already have a registered company or entrepreneur and you’re going osuschevstvlyat foreign economic activities should be provided to the office the following documents:


DocumentationLegal entity \ Ltd., CompanyAn individual predprinematel \ SPD
Certificate of state registration or an extract from the state. registryVV
Certificate from the bank to open accounts. Should be open accounts in local and foreign currencies.VV
Minutes of the meeting of the founders of the appointment of the directorV
Certificate of VAT, in the presence of V
Help from the statistical officesVV
Passport and an identification code managerVV

Our list is compiled by the customs broker and power of attorney for registration. Complete with electronic and hard version of accreditation cards (plastic cards oblіkovoї). The result is an accreditation card, with which you can work with customs and conduct foreign economic activity.

The cost of 800 hrv.

We will be happy to answer all questions related to accreditation at the office of your company by email. info@rastamozhka.com email or by Skype odaseaway