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Good day. I ask you to calculate the transportation of a 20-foot container from Israel according to three options. Option one: you need to pick up the cargo in Azur and bring it to Zaporozhye Option two: the container will be loaded onto a ship in Haifa, it needs to be brought to Odessa / Ilyichevsk by sea and then to Zaporozhye. Option three: the seller pays for sea transportation and needs a rate for forwarding and delivery to Zaporozhye. Cargo type – cosmetics. Weight 1200 kg. Customs clearance will be carried out in Zaporozhye.

Good afternoon, upon your request we can offer 1. freight Haifa-Odessa – 800 $ 2. unloading + port costs + forwarding + delivery Odessa-Zaporozhye – 1650

The rate does not include:

Storage and demurrage – payment at container line rates.

Expenses for inspection of cargo at the border are determined by the customs at the time of approval of the order.

SES implementation – subject to the availability of relevant documents.

My name is Vladislav, I am the director of Hermes LLC, Dnepropetrovsk.

Hello, dear staff of Sea Way LLC! I am interested in information regarding the delivery of goods from China. Also, the price of your services for the following operations: 1) Customs clearance of the container in the port of Odessa 2) Customs clearance in the port of Odessa and delivery of the container from the Chinese port of Qingdao to Dnepropetrovsk (freight + insurance), respectively.

The product I’m currently interested in is a PVC sheet.

Material: PVC foam sheet (density 0.6).

Dimensions: 1220 * 2440 (thickness 2mm) and 1220 * 2440 (thickness 3mm)

Container: 20GP – 15.3 t;

Manufacturer and price ($, FOB) / sheet:

a) Shan dong ji nan sang LTD (1220 * 2440 thickness 2mm) -5.04 $ / sheet; 1220 * 2440 (thickness 3mm) -7.57 $ / sheet;

b) JUTU Technologies Ltd.- $ 5 / sheet (2mm) and $ 6.56 / sheet (3mm), respectively .;

c) Taizhou Dayuan Decoration Material Co., Ltd – $ 5.2 / sheet (2mm) and $ 7.6 / sheet (3mm), respectively. While this is all information about the product, if this is not enough to evaluate your services, please contact me to clarify all the nuances. I am waiting for your information. Best regards, Vladislav!

Good afternoon, Vladislav. At your request, we can offer: 20′- Qingdao-Odessa-Dnepropetrovsk – $ 3150 (includes – freight, PRR, port costs, forwarding, delivery to Dnepropetrovk). Not included – payment for storage / demurrage – at line rates. Turnkey customs clearance by our company importer – $ 9700 (including customs terminal services) Best regards, import / export manager Sea Way LLC Victoria.


Hello! There is the following question: a US citizen wants to fly to Ukraine for tourist purposes. He is going to temporarily import (by sea vessel) his own car (in accordance with the Convention on Temporary Importation). Due to force majeure circumstances, the car will “arrive” earlier than the American arrives (by 2 weeks). Can you organize the removal of a car from the port by power of attorney from an American without the presence of the American himself (on the terms of temporary import) If this option is possible, what are the conditions and cost of your services?

We can organize the removal of cars from the port. To do this, you need a power of attorney from the owner of the car to our company (I will send a sample). Based on this power of attorney, we can release the car from the port. For further travel by car to the destination, you need a second power of attorney for the right to drive, which will be issued to the NON-RESIDENT by the owner of the car. And he will drive the car wherever you want. If the car is 20 feet. container, the cost of unloading a container from a ship, port formalities and paperwork costs – 1300 USD. Best regards, Director of Sea Way LLC Evgeniy.



Good day! we need prices for expedition services in the port. Cargo lemon. Will be sent in a ref container. Weight with packaging will be approximately 25-27 tons. Also, separately offer a container ship on the route Odessa – Mogilev, Republic of Belarus, the container will go like a thermos. The line is called HAPAGLOYID. download starts tomorrow. We will send the originals and the power of attorney to receive the goods by train.

Good day. Expenses:

PRR, monitoring, demerridge – at the rates of the HAPAGLOYID line: PRR – $ 470 monitoring – 1 day – $ 108, then – $ 72 / day Demerridge – 3 days free (standard), 4-13 days – $ 50 / day, 14- … $ 80 / day
Intra-port forwarding – $ 500
Delivery Odessa – Mogilev, cargo weight 25 tons – 2300 dollars, weight 27 tons – 2550 dollars. The rate includes payment in transit for an overweight. Restriction in RB 24 tons, including container weight.

Respectfully yours, Evgeniy, director of Sea Way LLC.


Andrey, Chernigov.

Hello, we, with no experience in working with China, want to establish trade in Chinese goods, and for the first time we will start with one container; the price of goods in a 20-foot container (FOB China) is about 60,000.00 hryvnia. weight about 6,000kg. The product (plumbing) is in (Fengyi Industrial Zone, Guxiang town, Chaoan County, Chaozhou Guangdong China), PLEASE coordinate the price: insurance + shipping + customs, etc.

Good day. The freight cost can be viewed on our website here To calculate the cost of customs clearance, you need to know in more detail what kind of plumbing you are going to import. To do this, ask your seller for a preliminary invoice (proforma – invoice) and / or packing list. From this document, we will see the exact name of the goods, the quantity from which they are made, the trademark. And we will provide a calculation of the cost of customs clearance with delivery to Chernihiv.

Armen Serzhosyan, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Good afternoon. Please provide information on the rate for the delivery of groupage cargo and China, taking into account customs clearance. Please make an offer for each item. See the attached file for a description of the cargo. Thanks in advance.

Dear Armen, we can offer you an extended table with rates for the delivery of goods from China, taking into account customs clearance on our website page.

Good afternoon, Eugene.

Please inform us about the cost of brokerage services for processing the following cargo in the port of Odessa: cargo – yarn, 70% cotton, 30% – polyester, made in China. Cost of 30,000 usd weight of cargo – 20 t1 * 40 ‘container

TNVED code 5206110000

Payment form – hryvnia bank transfer

Respectfully yours and hope for further cooperation,


Good afternoon, Svetlana. The cost of brokerage services is $ 500.

Good day!

We are a Russian company, we have production in China, Qingdao,

At the moment, we use sea transportation Qingdao-Vladivostok, and then railway to clients in the regions of Russia.

However, as the market expands, it becomes clear that such a scheme is not suitable for our potential clients in Ukraine.

We are interested in the possibility of container deliveries to Ukraine.

The request is as follows: sea delivery

Qingdao-Odessa, Qingdao-Kiev (including auto-forwarding in the receiving cities)

We don’t have our own containers

Interested in 40HQ containers

Container weight (on average) – 7 tons.

Cargo – refrigerated lari, for supermarkets

TN VED code 841850

Please calculate a one-time delivery.

Also, I am interested in customs clearance. At the moment, we go through customs like this: we provide the customs declarant company with all the documents for the delivery: invoices, packing lists, a contract (ours and the Chinese side) and their translations) Can we work with you in the same way?

LLC “Moscow House of Trade Equipment”

Manager Pavel

Good afternoon. We can offer you the following rates: Freight Qingdao – Odessa 2650 dollars.

Agency – 50 USD

Issuing a bill of lading – 20 USD

Intra-port forwarding – 350 USD

Delivery Odessa – Kiev 1150 dollars.

A Ukrainian company is needed for customs clearance of imports.

You can use our importer company.

The way of working is the same.


Eugene, hello.

It is planned to import from China the port of Shanghai to Moscow goods similar to the goods produced by the Dnepropetrovsk reinforcement plant: – “disc rotary valve code TN VED 8481808509; 8481809900”.

Please indicate the conditions and cost of transportation.

Shipping cost Shanghai – Moscow – 4850 USD, delivery time – 35 days.


LLC “BRIG TRADING” – located in Kiev, accredited at customs. We plan to supply 5000 m3 of pine round timber to the Odessa port in the railway. gondola cars of 500m3 per week. We ask you to give the cheapest rate for:

1. Transshipment in 40HC sea containers (32m3 fits into 1 container, 1m3 = 0.85 tons)

2. Export clearance at the Southern Customs

3. Send to China Qingdao and collect all required certificates within three working days after each weekly shipment is sent.

Round timber diameter: 14-24, 24-36, 36-48cm.

Fumigation is needed.

Count the customs clearance, please.

We can offer you a rate of $ 1250 for all services you are interested in. for each container.

Good afternoon, Eugene!

Today we spoke with you by phone. I represent the transport companies VITOVT LLC (RF) and Fabeas LLC (Belarus). According to our telephone conversation, please inform us about the cost of transportation of the specified cargo (in detail with all fees in Odessa, connection, monitoring, free use time):

Loading port – Port Said (Alexandria possible in the future).

Container 40 feet (40RF), cargo – oranges.

Cargo weight 25 tons + container weight.

Temperature regime of transportation 0 … +3 С

Regularity is about 4 containers / month.

The nearest 2-container cargo is ready for shipment on February 9-10.

therefore please provide a prompt response.

If possible, you can indicate the cost of further delivery to Minsk

(if it is not possible – immediately give sea freight with all port conditions).

If you need more information, please ask.

For the speed of communication, you can communicate via skype.


Dmitry Apanel / Zmіtser Apanel

Good afternoon, Dmitry. The cost of transportation Port Said – Odessa – Minsk for 40 REF, oranges, 25 tons of cargo is: 5`420 usd

– sea freight on FOB terms

– unloading from a ship in Odessa

– container insurance

– intra-port forwarding


– auto delivery Odessa – Minsk

Free days from demurrage – 5 (then 50 usd \ day)

Free days from offspring – 3 (then 60 usd / day)

Sea Transit Time: 9 days

Storage in port – at port rates

The rate does not include:

– weighing (20 usd)

– customs inspection (50 official + unofficial expenses 50 Usd or brigade services, if necessary) – transit of fruits is usually not inspected.

Connection is included in the rate.

My name is Julia, Grand-M company.

Good afternoon. Our client asks us to calculate the delivery of flour from Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine to Turkey, Mersin. Flour in polypropylene bags of 50 kg, volume 10,000 tons.

Customs will be at the White Church.

The container needs 20 feet.

We will load a maximum of 24 tons into the container.

Before that, we transported by road, but now it became necessary to transport by sea.

I ask you to help us calculate the cost of sea transportation.

Thank you in advance.

Delivery BC – Odessa 900 USD Intra-port forwarding – 300 USD PRR – 200 USD

Freight sea 20’dv ODS-MERSIN – 800 USD

BL + ice surcharge 60 USD

Total: $ 2260

Good day!

I ask you to indicate the cost of delivery of 1 container of 20 feet from Beijing to Odessa with the help of your company (so far without the cost of customs clearance).

Delivery of 30 containers is expected during 2013-2014.

Total weight of cargo in one container: 5 tons.

The total volume of cargo in one container: 29 m3.

Description of cargo:

Air handling unit with a capacity of up to 3000 m3 / h for telecommunications facilities.

Hello. EXW Beijing – to the port (Odessa with unloading) – 3150 dollars.

Good day.

Our company is interested in the export of beet sugar to the port of Valencia. The volume is 6000 tons, two voyages per month, packing-bags of 50 kg on euro pallets (1 ton), we are interested in the cost of customs clearance, loading on a ship, the cost of freight to the port of destination Valencia.

Mortekhprom company Dnepropetrovsk

Sincerely, Gennady

Total weight of cargo in one container: 5 tons.

The total volume of cargo in one container: 29 m3.

Description of cargo:

Air handling unit with a capacity of up to 3000 m3 / h for telecommunications facilities.

Good day.

1. The cost of freight from Odessa to Valencia is about 35 USD / t, while pallets are placed in holds in 5 tiers.

2. The transshipment cost is $ 20 / t for an accurate calculation of associated costs, as well as to determine the technical feasibility (availability of a free covered warehouse of the required volumes, ramp, etc.), please inform:

– what kind of transport will the cargo be delivered to the port

– approximate period and terms of accumulation / shipment.

– how the Euro pallet is packed, whether open storage is allowed.

– is it possible to ship in smaller quantities, if so, what kind.