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Customs broker


Company Sea Way - included state fiscal service of Ukraine in the register of companies who have been granted permission to conduct customs brokerage activities under the number 000225 AA . Our company - is a customs broker in Odessa, Chernomorsk. To declare the goods exclusively in electronic form.

Difficulties related to customs clearance, stop the Ukrainian businessmen, who want to deliver the goods from abroad or to ship their own products through cargo ports of Odessa and the Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk) abroad. Therefore experienced importers and exporters rather than trying to separate communications with officials prefer to use the services of customs brokers.

Customs broker - it intermediary company between customs and legal or natural persons carrying out foreign economic activity. It is at the customs interests of its clients, acting on their behalf and in their interests.

Customs Broker:

  • declares goods, accounting for cargo customs declarations and supporting documents;
  • It makes the declared goods by the customs authorities to the actual inspection;
  • responsible for payment of customs duties and accuracy of documents.


List of documents for customs clearance импорта

List of documents for customs clearance экспорта


Customs broker Seaway - an expert on solving your problems in customs.

In matters of foreign trade relations Ukrainian legislation is no less complex and contradictory than in other industries. "Manual" control of the customs office of ministerial seats and confusing regulations with a variety of applications lead to the solution of questions that can be interpreted in two ways, depends only on officials at customs and actions of the brokerage company representing the interests of their clients.


Trying to clear of goods on their own, a legal person or an entrepreneur at every step encounter obstacles: suddenly there is a need to design additional documents or receive certificates or officials using declarants ignorance, deliberately delaying the process. Customs brokerage services eliminate the need to test the "charms" of dialogue with representatives of the executive authorities. Professional customs brokers are doing everything possible and impossible to overcome goods customs without delay:

  • previously prepared a package of documents for import or export;
  • help to obtain the necessary licenses, certificates, conclusions and resolution;
  • personally present at registration of cargoes;
  • promptly on the spot solve the problem of preventing the passage of customs barriers.


In Ukraine, the customs broker is an expert in communication with officials of all ranks and taxation of foreign trade operations. It defends the interests of its clients in contentious situations and reduces terms of cargo handling and their passage through customs. Therefore, the cost of customs broker services more than compensated for by savings of time and money, achieved as a result of his work.


Customs brokerage services: the cost of clearance of imports and exports


customs broker service cost when you make the import or export depends on the range of the load, the number of product codes UKTVED and regularity of supply. The more often we make for you a declaration, the cheaper they will cost. When making customs declarations can offer price of 300 USD / container to container following for export. Price valid for the design of 50 containers per month.
Because of the many nuances in registration of customs declarations and accompanying documents. Which is to prepare customs broker, when you make the import. The cost can vary significantly.


1. Making declarations to export mode, zatamozhka cargo   3000 грн.
2. Making declarations in the import regime, the customs clearance of cargo   4000 грн.
3. Making additional sheets MD-3 of the declaration in MI / EC / TR   500 грн.
4. Making delivery control documents (PP, PD)   1000 грн.
5. Carrying identification inspection   1500 грн.
6. Registration of transport documents (CMR, TIR)   700 грн.
7. Accreditation at customs   1000 грн.
8. Drafting foreign economic contract, in two languages   1500 грн
9. The work of the customs broker at the weekend  + 30% to the amount of accounts


We have extensive experience in the design of the declarations on the following products :


linens towels leather goods
bicycles bicycle parts electronics
computers office equipment Appliances
appliances auto parts tractor
buses trucks Farm Machinery
household goods umbrellas hand tools
power ceramics ceramic tableware
televisions DVD cable
glass freestone pipes
dishes hardware furniture
radiators bags leather goods
garment accessories tile souvenirs
stationery sporting goods footwear
equipment clothes  

Foodstuffs 1 to 24 group:

fruit vegetables citrus
oranges tangerines grapefruits
candied fruit raisins pineapples
sesame prunes dried apricots
peanut hazelnut crops
tea coffee butter
tomatoes sugar Walnut
animal feed canned goods  


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