The company Sea Way is entered by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine in the register of enterprises licensed to carry out brokerage activities under the number AA 000225. Our company is a customs broker in Odessa, the Black Sea and the South. Carries out declaration of cargoes only in electronic form.

Difficulties related to clearance of goods stop Ukrainian entrepreneurs who want to supply goods from abroad or ship their products through the cargo ports of Odessa and the Black Sea (Illichivsk) abroad. Therefore, experienced importers and exporters prefer to use the services of brokers instead of trying to communicate independently with officials.

A customs broker is an intermediary company between customs and legal or natural persons engaged in foreign economic activity. He represents the interests of his clients at customs, acting on their behalf and in their interests.

What is he doing:
declares goods, drawing up cargo declarations and accompanying documents;
presents the declared goods to the customs authorities for actual inspection;
is responsible for the payment of duties and the correctness of the documents.

  • List of documents for customs clearance of imports
  • List of documents for customs clearance of export

In matters of foreign economic and trade relations, Ukrainian legislation is no less complex and contradictory than in other areas. “Manual” management of customs from ministerial chairs and confusing regulations with many annexes lead to the fact that the solution of issues that can be interpreted in two ways depends only on customs officials and the actions of a brokerage company that represents the interests of its clients.

Trying to clear goods on their own, a legal entity or business entity faces obstacles at every step: suddenly there is a need to draw up additional documents or obtain certificates, or officials, using the ignorance of the declarants, deliberately delay the process. The services of a customs broker eliminate the need to feel the “charms” of communication with representatives of the executive branch. Professional customs brokers do everything possible and impossible for goods to overcome customs without delay:

prepare a package of documents for import or export in advance;
help to obtain the necessary licenses, certificates, conclusions and permits;
were personally present at the registration of goods;
promptly solve problems on the spot that prevent the passage of customs barriers.
In Ukraine, a customs broker is an expert in communicating with officials of all ranks and issues of taxation of foreign economic transactions. He defends the interests of his customers in controversial situations and reduces the time of processing of goods and their passage through customs. Therefore, the cost of the services of a customs broker is more than recouped by saving time and money achieved as a result of his work.

Customs broker services: the cost of registration of import and export
The cost of customs broker services in the registration of import or export depends on the range of goods, the number of product codes UKTZED and regularity of deliveries. The more often we make declarations for you, the cheaper they cost you. At registration of declarations on the container following for export we can offer the price of 300 UAH / container. The price is valid for registration of 50 containers per month.

Due to the many nuances in the design of customs declarations and related documents. Which must be prepared by a customs broker when processing imports. The cost of services can vary greatly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the services of a customs broker in Ukraine?

There is no single tariff for such services. They are calculated individually for each consignment, depending on its volume and range. We offer discounts for regular and wholesale customers.

How to choose the right broker

Preference should be given to those intermediaries who have been engaged in this activity for many years and have extensive experience working with officials. It is important that the broker has an official registration and permission to represent the client’s interests in customs.

What is the difference between a customs broker and a customs representative?

A customs broker is also called a customs representative. This is a person or organization that represents the interests of the importer / exporter at the customs and helps him to avoid inconvenient and ambiguous situations during the registration of goods for import / export.