Developed industry in South Korea – a “gold mine” for Ukrainian companies and entrepreneurs. Korean manufacturers produce high-quality and low-cost electronics, household appliances, spare parts for industrial equipment and accessories for cars, clothing, accessories and other products that are in great demand in our country. However, the difficulties associated with paperwork, cargo insurance, customs procedures and other formalities, stop many Ukrainian importers.

With the company Sea Way freight shipping from Korea will cease to be a formidable obstacle for legal entities and entrepreneurs who want to cooperate with this country suppliers.

Delivery of goods from Korea by sea or by air – the choice is yours

Execution and delivery of goods from Korea – this is one of the key directions in the activities of the international freight forwarding companies SeaWay. Extensive experience in this field allows each customer to find the best price and terms for the options of delivery.

  • Delivery of goods via air transport – is the fastest way to bring small consignments of goods from abroad. Established cooperation with air carriers SeaWay allows the company to quickly and at low rates to deliver the goods from Korea to the largest airports in Ukraine – Borispol and Odessa.
  • Delivery from Korea to Ukraine by sea – more durable, but economical and efficient way to import products. Shipment of the Korean seaport of Pusan with unloading of containers in Odessa or Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk) – is the best option for those wishing to deliver goods with minimal cost.

For each task, whether it is transportation of conventional twenty- and forty-foot containers or the delivery of oversized cargo, we will find the optimal solution – the most advantageous cost and on terms acceptable.

Tariffs for services companies SeaWay prove that delivery can be affordable and cost-effective even for small consignments. Therefore we cooperate with not only big importers, but also small shops, online clothing stores and home appliances, sales of spare parts and car accessories, wishing to establish a supply of products from the Korean manufacturers.

Freight rates are changed every week. Indicative rates for containerized cargo are listed in the table.

Pusan, Korea

Port unloading
Transit time
550 $
900 $
2300 $
525 $
950 $
2500 $
29 — 42
500 $
900 $
2400 $
500 $
900 $
3320 $
28 — 42
450 $
820 $
2700 $
37 — 40

Our experts take care of all the chores relating to the supply of goods from abroad: from loading to deliver goods to customers in Ukraine. We provide:

  • acquisition of cargoes in Russian ports;
  • selection of optimal routes and freight;
  • passage of port formalities and customs control;
  • payment of duties, excise duties and taxes;
  • transshipment of containers onto trucks or railway platforms.

Delivery of goods from the port of Busan to Odessa or Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk) takes 28 to 42 days. The contract fixed terms and other conditions. Therefore SeaWay company’s customers are insured against financial default of its obligations forwarder.

To calculate the time and cost of delivery of your goods to Ukraine, write an e-mail info@rastamozhka.comor ask a specialist by phone:

  • +380 (48) 772-41-00;
  • +380 (50) 391-75-52;
  • +380 (67) 009-52-52.

How to make the first steps in the supply of goods to Ukraine?

The company SeaWay have agents and partners. Therefore, we can provide expert assistance who wish to establish trade relations with South Korean suppliers. Our experts will help you:

  • avoid mistakes in foreign trade activity and bypass the “pitfalls”;
  • find a reliable supplier for a single purchase or establish long-term cooperation;
  • check the quality and completeness of the purchased goods;
  • organize the acquisition and storage of cargoes prior to shipment to Ukraine.