Japan is one of the most highly developed countries in the world. It occupies a leading position in terms of the volume of products for export. But there are thousands of kilometers between our countries, and if we talk about the delivery of products from Japan, we must first of all think about a logistics company. Our company Sea Way has been engaged in cargo transportation for 15 years. During this time, we have developed a win-win and profitable scheme that allows us to deliver goods to the recipient quickly and profitably. We provide transport services , customs clearance , consulting assistance. We know everything about import , delivering goods by sea ​​in the most acceptable way, at an affordable price .

Container delivery

Delivery of Japanese products by sea is possible only in containers . In the process of organizing cargo transportation , we offer one of two possible container loading schemes :

  • lcl – formation of groupage cargo . This means that lots of goods are loaded into the container for several recipients. The option is ideal for those who buy small volumes. There is no point in renting a full-fledged container if the products fit on several pallets
  • fcl – load a full container. The choice for those buyers who organize large-scale purchases that require a lot of space ( passenger car , construction machines, motorcycles, shipbuilding equipment).

We cooperate exclusively with trusted shipping companies that quickly and safely transport containers to their destination.

Value formation

The cost of the transportation of goods from Japan is formed taking into account several factors:

  • weight
  • dimensions
  • volume in cubic meters
  • cargo insurance
  • need for licensing
  • features and type of products
  • deadlines
  • selected route.

The managers of our company will be able to choose the package that is optimal for the price if they have the most complete information about the goods that should be shipped by sea. Customs clearance is also included in the announced amount.

If you want to navigate the prices yourself, we suggest using the online calculator on the site. Using the data entered in a simple form, the algorithm will knock out the preliminary amount. This will help shape the budget and adjust the requirements. Please note that the utilization fee and the cost of customs duty will become mandatory additional costs .

Delivery process

After clarifying all the nuances, conditions and wishes, as well as discussing the price with the customer, the managers transfer the contact details of the suppliers to the employees of our company in Japan. All organizational aspects are coordinated as soon as possible. After the nuances of cooperation are settled:

  • the cargo is sent to the port warehouse
  • packed, labeled
  • loaded into container
  • loaded on board the ship and sent to the port of Odessa.

Customs brokers meet the goods and begin customs clearance . We carry out the registration , collection of the necessary documentation ourselves. Upon completion of customs clearance, the cargo moves from the port site to the company’s warehouse, where it waits for the recipient . The calculation takes place before the delivery of the cargo.

Features of shipping

Shipping cargo by sea is considered the most cost-effective option from a financial point of view. But pay attention to the fact that this type of transportation takes more time. Therefore, if the priority is budgetary, but relatively slow delivery, sea transport will be the ideal option.

The goods are loaded at the following ports in Japan:

  • Yokkaichi
  • Yokohama
  • Nagoya
  • Kobe
  • Osaka.

In addition to major transport hubs, there are more than 900 ports in Japan. Therefore, in order to carry out a search and calculate the optimal route, taking into account the location of the cargo, it is necessary to have a sufficiently large experience and skills.

Benefits of working with us

Japanese products are of high quality. The main production principle, which is followed by every enterprise in the country, regardless of the specifics of its activities, is to do less, but better. Therefore, Japanese products are in demand and receive the best ratings from consumers around the world. Well-functioning product delivery schemes will help develop your business and win more customers.

Together with us, each customer receives:

  • development of optimal routes
  • Euro transportation in compliance with high safety standards (it is a car or a batch of electronics, exquisite delicacies)
  • consulting assistance
  • information support from a personal manager throughout the delivery period
  • adequate cost of services
  • customs clearance of products without problems and delays by an experienced broker
  • we cooperate with legal entities , individuals, individual entrepreneurs.

In order to fill out an application, get answers to questions, learn more about the terms of cooperation, please call the phone numbers indicated in the contact information or write to the managers by e-mail.