Today there are no boundaries for the supply of goods. You can bring cargo from any country, even if this country is Myanmar , the only problem is bureaucracy. A lot of effort and nerves goes into customs clearance of goods. Ignorance of the nuances of the legal framework and the long processing of documents through government agencies can infuriate anyone.

Our company offers high-quality services for customs clearance and delivery of goods to. The state employs qualified brokers with over 15 years of experience. The cost of the procedure for customs clearance in the seaport is on average $ 100, and we also draw up contracts in a currency convenient for our client: euros , pounds, hryvnias, etc.

What services can be ordered from us

Individuals and legal entities can order services from us for any type of cargo. We guarantee correct and fast customs clearance and full support until the end of the procedure. We offer to use the services:

  • Port forwarding . Close cooperation with port companies and shipping companies opens up a number of great opportunities for us. We have the ability to control all stages of the movement of goods, including its delivery by sea and dry land.
  • Vehicle customs clearance . The cost of the procedure directly depends on the type of car ; when evaluating, the engine volume and year of manufacture are taken into account . The most expensive product for customs clearance is a boat, the procedure involves a number of inconsistencies, so it is better to immediately contact our specialists. This will save you time and hassle.
  • Accreditation. Some companies that start to engage in foreign economic activity need to go through the accreditation procedure. For this, the customer must provide a package of documents specified in the section of this service.

Also, our company carries out the transportation of sea containers and targeted delivery of goods from European countries, Korea, CIS countries, China, Japan, Myanmar and other countries.

Service price

To calculate the estimate of the cost of services, use the calculator on the company’s website or write to our specialist. To calculate online, enter into the calculator:

  • The country from which the cargo is shipped. In our case, this is Myanmar
  • Register product code
  • Select the currency of the agreements.
  • Estimate the cargo in a currency convenient for you.
  • Click Calculate.

The calculator will provide an approximate price for the service . The cost of customs clearance may vary depending on the execution of additional documents, according to Ukrainian legislation. For the convenience of our clients, we have provided a price list on the website indicating the current prices for services.

Why our company?

When ordering services from us, you get full support and properly executed documentation from a legal position. We take care of all the problems and troubles with the registration of cargo in state organizations.

All services provided, the obligations of the parties and the cost are clearly stated in the terms of the contract. Now you do not need to be nervous about the paperwork, you just need to conclude a deal and order the delivery of the desired product, we will take care of the rest of the issues.

Upon delivery of the cargo, insurance is issued to guarantee its safety. The cost is calculated from the invoice amount. In the event of a shortage, we will compensate for the loss. All deadlines are strictly adhered to, our goal is not to let the client down by providing quality service.

If you have encountered problems with customs clearance of goods , call us urgently or order a feedback form, indicating your phone number. Our employee will contact you, assess the situation and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Our company regularly pleases its regular customers discounts and reduced rates, which range from 5 to 20%, and at the order of complex services can reach up to 25% taking into account the design documents.

We also provide each customer with a personal broker and manager who is always in touch and carefully monitors all stages of the process. It is convenient with us, because you can simultaneously order a huge range of services in one company without running to different authorities. We also provide free consultations to clients about the customs clearance process and guide them on the cost of services .