If you require delivery of goods from Pakistan by sea, please contact Sea Way. We organize fast and profitable sea transportation of such types of cargo as textiles, food, household appliances, medicines, cars . International delivery can be organized by sea , which helps to minimize the costs of the recipient and receive the consignment exactly on time. Customs clearance also falls on our shoulders. Without involving specialists from other companies, our own customs brokers organize the clearance cargo in the shortest possible time. The benefits of cooperation are obvious: we offer a full range of international transportation services at an affordable price .

Container loading

The goods are loaded into containers according to two schemes. The first is considered the most profitable option, which will allow you to receive the purchased goods without spending large amounts on transportation – the formation of groupage cargo . The lcl scheme allows you to place cargo of several recipients in one container. With fcl , the shipment is transported in containers rented by one recipient.

A full container will be the best choice if there is a need to organize a large logistics operation. In other cases, loading prefabricated type will be more than enough. Depending on which method will help to solve the tasks set for the transport company, the cost of loading changes .

Service prices

The cost is formed taking into account several important factors that an employee of the firm clarifies when receiving an application for transport services from Pakistan. Mandatory include:

  • weight;
  • cargo parameters;
  • volume of goods in cubic meters;
  • product features;
  • cargo insurance;
  • customs requirements according to Incoterms;
  • route search;
  • delivery terms.

The amount also includes the need to draw up a package of documents for customs clearance . In addition, we pay attention to mandatory payments, such as recycling fees and customs duties . After clarifying all the important nuances, the manager will be able to give specific numbers.

Delivery Algorithm

After obtaining the consent from the customer for the commencement of work on the delivery of goods from Pakistan, the contact details of the supplier are transferred to our representative in that country. It is he who will control the entire process, carefully monitoring each step:

  • delivery of cargo to the port
  • packaging, labeling
  • loading into containers and placement on board the ship.

Upon the arrival of the ship in Odessa, a customs clearance specialist is taken over. The broker has already collected the entire package of documents, so customs clearance does not take more than 1-2 days. After all the necessary formalities are settled, the cargo, a car or a textile product, move from the port site to the company’s warehouse, where it waits for the recipient . The calculation is carried out before the delivery of the goods. Further transportation to the final destination can be organized by any transport company of the client’s choice.

Sea transportation with Sea Way

When ordering international sea delivery services in our company, each client receives:

  • professional assistance in passing customs control
  • precisely calculated and thought out to the smallest detail logistic route
  • comfortable, transparent contract terms
  • safety of cargo transportation
  • expert advice
  • full range of services at an affordable price
  • work with legal entities, individuals .

Please note that you can find an interesting service on the site – an online calculator. The algorithm, based on the data entered by the user, will calculate the approximate cost of transportation. The withdrawn amount is not final and requires estimates of the company’s specialist, but it will allow you to navigate future costs and adjust the allocated budget.

Euro transportation of goods from Pakistan is carried out from such port cities as Karachi, Lahore, Sialkot, Faisalabad. Many years of experience helps to draw up the route that is optimal in terms of distance and delivery time, taking into account the location of the cargo. When ordering sea delivery, each customer has the opportunity to appreciate the undeniable advantages of this type of transportation: low cost, which is especially important when it is necessary to move goods over long distances, as well as the absence of restrictions on dimensions and weight.

For those interested in importing Pakistani goods, it is important to find a responsible partner. We suggest not to postpone the search for a company on the back burner and contact us at the numbers indicated in the contact information. Also, requests can be sent by email.