The number of foreign economic transactions is increasing from year to year. New Zealand is one of the top priorities. Delivery and customs clearance of cargo of any size from New Zealand for Ukrainian firms, companies at an affordable price is possible together with our logistics company. We use only proven sea routes, schemes that ensure the speed of arrival of the party in the optimal time frame.

Features of transportation

New Zealand is located in Oceania. It consists of an entire archipelago of islands – from large to small, scattered across the South Pacific. The main transportation within the country is carried out by road. It is most profitable to organize export-import delivery by sea.

Among the main ports that provide the transportation of containers by sea , there are:

  • Auckland
  • Taurang
  • Wellington
  • Dunedin
  • Napier
  • Timaru
  • Nelson
  • Bluff and Picton.

The sea transportation method is considered to be the most profitable. Therefore, it has received many positive ratings from customers and is the most popular.

How much does transportation cost?

The cost of transporting goods depends on a number of factors. In order for the manager of the company to calculate the price of the service, it is necessary to provide information on the desired terms, volume and weight of the cargo. Also, the point of departure and arrival of containers, the name of the transported goods are taken into account. The calculation of the preliminary cost takes into account the period of transportation and the chosen method. Transportation in groupage containers is considered the best and most profitable option.

Terms of cooperation

Customs clearance does not take much time, does not require significant labor and financial costs. Together with our company, the process goes smoothly and orderly. The service is available to legal entities , individuals, individual entrepreneurs. We definitely stipulate the need to carry out certification and insurance of goods . In order for the product to be protected from unforeseen situations on the road, we recommend not to neglect the possibilities of additional functions.

Cargo delivery process

By calling the managers of the company, the client tells the weight, the volume of goods in cubic meters, negotiates the terms of delivery in accordance with Incoterms. It is imperative to indicate which brand the product belongs to , and provide a link to the transported product ( car , equipment, public goods) Having received all the data, the manager reports the cost, including the price for customs clearance . Delivery from Odessa to the city of the consignee is paid separately. The price depends on the type, characteristics of the goods .

Customs brokers contact the representatives of the shipper in the country, agreeing on all the nuances of transportation. After that:

  • the cargo is sent to the warehouse of the city of New Zealand
  • from the warehouse is loaded into a container ( lcl, fcl type )
  • the container is sent on board the ship
  • the ship arrives at the port of Odessa
  • placement of the container on the site in the port
  • customs clearance and following a car , any other cargo to the warehouse.

After passing all these procedures, the goods from the warehouse can be transported to the recipient’s city ​​by any delivery service. Pickup is possible.

When is the calculation carried out?

After the customs clearance procedure has passed, the managers announce the total amount in euros . The client pays the invoice before the delivery of the goods. By contacting our company, you will be able to significantly save time, money and nerves. Employees take care of all the organizational issues related to transportation. Well-coordinated work and experience provide excellent results at an affordable price.

Benefits of working with us

By contacting us, each client receives:

  • professional level of organization of cargo transportation by sea
  • optimal price-quality ratio
  • search , development of a rational transportation route
  • minimum terms of loading, registration
  • informing about the location of the cargo at any time.

We will answer all your questions. We will calculate the preliminary cost of services, taking into account the nuances. Logistic company for the delivery of goods and customs clearance in Odessa “Sea Way” is an expert in the field of transport logistics and customs clearance of goods.

Service and communication method

In order to find out the preliminary cost of transport services from a broker , we suggest using the online calculator service .

Self-calculation will help you get information about customs duties , recycling fees , excise taxes, VAT on absolutely any product. The amount received is not final.

To start cooperation, please call the contact numbers indicated on the website. In addition, you can contact us through instant messengers (Viber, Telegram, WatsApp). We provide all the necessary information. We will provide information on imports , conditions and features of transportation, customs clearance in an accessible, simple language.