The trade turnover between Australia and Ukraine is increasing every year. Freight transportation as a service is becoming more and more popular in this direction. Clothes, vehicles , equipment and clothing are transported from the continent . Transportation requires professionalism and high responsibility from the company, which undertakes the task of transporting products by sea from supplier to recipient. “Sea Way” offers its services for the transportation of containers from Australia to the port of Odessa. We take on the delivery of goods, customs clearance of goods during import , we help to get the Australian goods safe and sound.

Transportation in lcl containers

Delivery of groupage cargo becomes the most profitable solution if you need to receive only a few pallets of goods. Ordering a separate container is not rational, profitable and not logical. This type of transportation takes a little more time compared to other types of transportation. This caveat must be considered when calculating the timing of party goods.

Our specialist can clarify the comfortable rates. Marine boot incomplete container lcl come without delay, at an affordable price . All this is possible thanks to the high traffic turnover. We insure the delivery of groupage cargo. This helps to avoid financial losses in case of damage or loss of part of the goods during transportation. Customs clearance also goes through the hands of our broker , who prepares a full package of documents for clearance , clearing it quickly and without delay.

Transport in fcl containers

Modern logistics terminology abbreviates fcl as the delivery of goods in whole containers . This type of transportation involves renting a container completely from the sea line. The scheme assumes there is one sender and one receiver . Most often, this type of service is used when transporting goods that are located within the framework of a large-scale logistics project.

Calculation of the cost of carriage of goods by sea

Marine euro cargo are considered the most profitable from a financial perspective view of delivery. The cost of the service is calculated taking into account the following factors:

  • weight;
  • dimensions;
  • volume;
  • delivery terms;
  • product features, based on expert assessments ;
  • period selection;
  • customs conditions;
  • type of product packaging.

In addition, managers pay attention to cargo insurance and the need for licensing. After clarifying all the nuances, you can display the total amount for the provision of transportation services and for customs clearance .

Shipping process from Australia

After our consultant has received consent from the customer to organize the transportation of goods, the process of organizing the delivery begins. Initially, we contact the representatives of the sender on the other side of the globe. After that, our representative begins the procedure of container formation, loading onto a ship and sending to the seaport of Odessa.

In Ukraine, the cargo is met by customs brokers who carry out the customs clearance procedure, monitor the shipment of the car , any other cargo to the site in the port with subsequent transfer to the warehouse of our company. The customer makes a settlement with us only after all the necessary clearance operations have been successfully completed and the goods can be freely taken into their possession.

Delivery from Australia

In the case of sea transportation, cargo delivery is carried out from the ports of such cities as:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Fremantle.

Delivery times depend on the characteristics of the cargo and the selected type of container. You can calculate the preliminary cost yourself using the online calculator on the website of our company. The service will help you navigate expenses such as recycling fees , transportation costs , and also determine customs duties .

Benefits of working with us

Work with each client begins from the moment you call our company. We try to build a constructive conversation from the first minutes of communication, providing all the necessary information about shipping from Australia. Additional advantages are:

  • expertise – more than 15 years on the market allowed us to gain experience in the transportation of various goods from anywhere in the world
  • guarantees – cargo insurance with one hundred percent payment in case of an unforeseen situation
  • efficiency – we announce the conditions and price of the issue, quickly cope with the solution of the tasks
  • awareness – the manager is able to provide relevant information about each stage of cargo transportation.

We take on solving problems of any complexity. We use proven transportation schemes and formulas, quickly reorganize to search , generate fresh ideas, adjusting to the client’s requirements. We work with legal entities , individuals, individual entrepreneurs.

We will answer all your questions on the first request. In order to find out all the important nuances of cargo delivery from Australia to Ukraine, please call us at the numbers indicated in the contact information or write by e-mail.