We can fully prepare yourself for the export documents, providing a service exporter. And so the same job with your package of documents providing a service for the declaration of goods to customs.

The list of documents for export:

1. Accreditation card .

2 . International automotive Waybill ( CMR ) .

3 . The invoice or invoice indicating the terms of delivery in accordance with the requirements of Incoterms.

4 . When the delivery terms EXW, FCA provides information on transport costs .

5 . Carnet TIR signed and stamped by the carrier.

6. Certificate of origin.

7. Buhgalkerskie cargo documents : waybill , tax bill , the domestic contract costing .

8. Certificate of absence abroad of currency values ​​.

9. Money Order payment of customs duties ( duties, excise Zborov ) .

10 . Receipt of payment of the customs terminal services .

11. Passport of the person making out the goods .

12. Autocarrier documents : passport driver ( Ukrainian and foreign ) , a certificate for the right to transport of goods under customs software , the license of the passport.

13. Documents confirming the destination of the consignment .

14. CCI Expert opinion on the definition of the code and to determine the value.

15. Approval documents : health certificate , quarantine and environmental permit , etc.

15. Other documents sent with load packing list , certificate of quality , etc.

16. Forms act examination and an information sheet .

17. A floppy disk with an electronic copy of the CCD .

18. A brokerage agreement .

19. Other documents ( commission contract , the internal agreement).

Certified copies of the inscription:

“KOPІYA ZGІDNO W ORIGІNALOM”, date, title, name and initials of the person certifying the copy. And the seal of the company, which has a print of the card Accreditation of foreign trade.