Delivery of goods from UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the richest countries in the world. Until recently, the desert was dominant here, but now there is no free space from skyscrapers, glass, concrete, luxury. It is not surprising that the UAE is so attractive to domestic businessmen. Cargo transportation systematically ensures the supply of various groups of goods: from cars , to jewelry, fur, sweets, technology and electronics. When importing products, it is difficult to come up with the best partners. In order for the loading and delivery of products to be organized at the highest level, it is necessary to take care of a responsible logistics company. “Sea Way” is an Odessa company that has been providing successfuldelivery of goods by sea . We offer transport services , customs clearance , warehouse services.

Formation of the cost of services

The total cost of cooperation is compiled taking into account several important factors:

  • product weight
  • cargo dimensions
  • volume in cubic meters
  • features of the transported goods
  • cargo insurance
  • need for licensing
  • set delivery times
  • declared budget.

In addition, the price depends on the type of product. Sea shipping is considered the most profitable transportation option. Taking a little more time, they are significantly cheaper than other options.

On our site there is an online calculator that will help to orientate the cost of services before talking with managers. By filling out a simple form, the customer receives, using the algorithm, approximate figures for the delivery and registration of the goods. In addition, we pay attention to mandatory payments, such as recycling fee , customs duty .

Loading options

There are two configurations for a container :

  • formation of groupage cargo – lots for several recipients, which are characterized by small dimensions, can be successfully fit into one sea container, while saving an impressive amount of money. It is considered the most advantageous equipment option. In international logistics terminology, it received the abbreviation lcl
  • full load – one recipient rents a full container, which he loads exclusively with his goods. Received the abbreviation fcl . Suitable for transporting a large batch .

Depending on the customer’s requirements and the specifics of the cargo, the manager selects one of the schemes, calculating the cost of the service, taking into account all factors and features.

Delivery process

Sea cargoes from the UAE begin their promotion to Ukraine only after the manager has received the customer’s consent to start the procedure. In the event that the client is satisfied with the price, the terms of cooperation, the manager follows the steps, which include:

  • establishing contact with the sender
  • cargo formation
  • packaging, product labeling
  • search and route calculation
  • loading a container onto a ship
  • monitoring the location of goods throughout the entire route
  • meeting cargo in the port of Odessa
  • customs clearance
  • transportation of goods to the company’s warehouse
  • settlement with the company
  • calling the recipient and giving him the goods.

Customs brokers carry out the customs clearance procedure promptly. It is on our shoulders to prepare, fill out, draw up, and execute all the necessary documents. Well-functioning work, adherence to the rules and many years of experience as a broker of our firm deserve the highest marks. Thanks to the professionalism of all employees, the cargo reaches its owner without problems and headaches.

Benefits of working with us

Our company has been in the logistics services market for over 15 years. During this time, we managed to accumulate an impressive store of knowledge in this area, which helps to quickly formulate tasks and successfully solve them. We work with legal entities and individuals . We cooperate with individual entrepreneurs. Thanks to the high professionalism and teamwork of each team member, we demonstrate excellent results from deal to deal.

Our pluses:

  • proven schemes, formulas for the delivery of goods from any country in the world in a short time
  • customs clearance at an affordable price
  • consulting assistance in the process of signing a cooperation agreement
  • information support at every stage of delivery of cargo in containers
  • safety, safety of goods in transit and upon arrival at the port of Odessa
  • adequate pricing policy
  • execution of the order on time.

Offering euro delivery to potential customers , we are clearly confident in the result of our work. An extended partner network allows you to organize the shipment of goods from any port of the UAE. The largest trade and transport hubs are Jebel Ali, Rashid port, Al Hamriyah port, Khalifa port. We will help you deliver a car , perfume or food products, making sure that the entire batch arrives at the customer in its original form.

For additional information, answers to your questions and the beginning of cooperation, please call us at the numbers indicated in the contact information. Also, you can fill out an application in an electronic message to the company’s mail.


Prices for company services

Shipping cost from UAE

The cost of customs duty can be calculated using the customs calculator located on our website or by consulting a broker.
Service  The cost
Cargo delivery From 200 to 400 dollars per 1 cubic meter and depends on the density and cost of the cargo
Broker services From $ 100 to $ 400 and depends on the number of product codes in the declaration
Forwarding in the ports of UAE 150 dollars
Loading a 20 'container on board a ship in UAE 350 dollars
Freight by sea for a 20-foot container UAE - Odessa 600-800 dollars and depends on the chosen shipping line
Unloading a 20-foot container from a ship 400 dollars
Port forwarding 100 dollars

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