SEA WAY provides cargo delivery services from Turkey to Ukraine by sea. Our specialization is customs clearance and cargo transportation from Asia and Europe.

What is the delivery of groupage cargo

We prepare a consignment for shipment, collect goods from customers. Since the cost of delivery of groupage cargo from Turkey is calculated from the total volume, the amount is divided between all participants in the transportation. Thus, everyone saves on transportation costs. If a customer sends 100 kg of goods, he only pays for the space that takes up 100 kg in a container or truck.

What goods do we deliver from Turkey

We are trusted to transport:

  • household appliances;
  • auto parts;
  • ceramic tiles and mosaics;
  • mineral raw materials;
  • cosmetics;
  • power units;
  • equipment;
  • machine tools;
  • the cloth;
  • furniture;
  • clothes;
  • footwear;
  • textile;
  • linens;
  • plastic products for household needs;
  • citrus;
  • bananas;
  • Turkish delight;
  • churkhchella;
  • olives;
  • dried fruits;
  • halva;
  • groceries;
  • dishes;
  • mops;
  • buckets.

We transport both small goods and large-sized

How do we deliver goods from Turkey

Delivery of goods from Turkey by the company is carried out in several ways.

  1. Cargo – a client buys a small batch of goods for which it makes no sense to order a separate truck or container. In this case, the seller delivers the purchase to our warehouse in Istanbul. We prepare all the necessary documents for the export and customs clearance of cargo from Turkey. Our employees load a truck or container and send it to Ukraine, where, after going through all the procedures related to customs clearance, the goods are sent to the consignee by a courier delivery service.
  2. Delivery from Turkey to Odessa by road. After purchasing the goods, the supplier loads the truck. It transits through Bulgaria and Romania to Odessa. Our broker prepares a preliminary declaration required to cross the Ukrainian border. In Odessa, the truck passes through the customs terminal, where the main import declaration is drawn up. Only after passing all these procedures, the goods arrive at the customer’s warehouse.
  3. Delivery from Turkey to Ukraine in a sea container. Our client’s supplier loads a container that has been previously delivered to his warehouse. After that, we take the container to the nearest port, where, after completing all the necessary documents, the container is loaded on board the vessel. At the Ukrainian port, a container is being unloaded with an import declaration. Then the batch of goods goes to the customer’s warehouse for unloading.

When choosing a delivery method, take into account the quantity, nomenclature, dimensions, weight and characteristics of the goods.

Shipping cost from Turkey

The cost of customs duty can be calculated using the customs calculator located on our website or by consulting a broker.

Service  The cost
Cargo delivery From 200 to 400 dollars per 1 cubic meter and depends on the density and cost of the cargo
Broker services From $ 100 to $ 400 and depends on the number of product codes in the declaration
Forwarding in the ports of Turkey 150 dollars
Loading a 20 ‘container on board a ship in Istanbul 350 dollars
Freight by sea for a 20-foot container Istanbul – Odessa 600-800 dollars and depends on the chosen shipping line
Unloading a 20-foot container from a ship 400 dollars
Port forwarding 100 dollars