Taiwan is known all over the world for the production of components for computers: microcircuits, LCD screens, network equipment. In addition, the country offers fairly high-quality household appliances and textiles. In order to take advantage of the offers of an overseas country and at the same time not earn a headache, for the transportation of goods it is necessary to enlist the support of a reliable partner. Our company has been in the logistics services market for over 15 years. We provide transport services for the delivery of goods in containers by sea , we take over customs clearance , provide consulting assistance at an affordable price .


Sea transport is considered the most profitable option in order to arrange the delivery of goods from Taiwan. Reasonable cost , safety and reliability are the advantages of this type of transportation. In order to avoid problems and disputes at the time of loading , it is necessary to determine in advance the type of container in which the car or any other product will go on a journey. We offer:

  • delivery of goods in an lcl container – is designed for several recipients who have purchased consignments of insignificant weight and volume , therefore they do not need a full container. It is cheap and convenient to order transportation of this type , since the formation of groupage cargo splits the cost of a container for all participants
  • transportation in fcl containers – suitable for bulky goods that take up the entire space. Designed for one recipient . The best option for the implementation of large, expensive purchases ( cars , industrial goods).

Many clients decide to use sea transportation because it is profitable from a financial point of view, and also allows you to calculate the time of receiving the cargo in the port of Odessa.

What is the cost?

The total cost of transportation consists of a whole set of factors, which include:

  • weight, dimensions of purchased products
  • volume of goods in cubic meters
  • features and customs requirements according to Incoterms
  • packaging
  • the selected route.

Cargo insurance will help protect the risks associated with possible damage or damage to cargo in transit. Therefore, we recommend not to neglect this service, and be sure to draw up insurance policies. The final amount of services also includes customs clearance , as one of the main components of international transportation.

Delivery of the customer’s cargo

After agreeing on the price for the services of our company with the customer, the sender’s contact information is transferred to the employee of the company in Taiwan. Under his careful guidance, the cargo moves from the customer to the port, where it is packed, marked, loaded into a container and sent on board.

The final destination is Odessa. Here the cargo is met by customs brokers who begin the customs clearance procedure. To draw up the necessary documentation and form a package, a broker does not need to rush and constantly remind about work. All operations are carried out quickly and smoothly. Necessary costs such as recycling fees and customs duties are already included in the contractual amount.

After the completion of customs clearance, the cargo is transferred to the company’s warehouse, where it waits for its recipient. The calculation is made before the delivery of goods . Further transportation of cargo is possible with the help of one of the most convenient transport companies, at the client’s choice.

The advantages of cooperation with our company

For those who are interested in importing high-quality products of Taiwanese production, finding and choosing a worthy partner for freight transportation can be a real problem. We will help you remove all the issues from the agenda, with one phone conversation with a potential customer. Euro transportation is a service that guarantees that the delivery of goods will be at a high level. Safety, reliability and professionalism in the performance of any operation related to the delivery of cargo to our country is guaranteed by the Sea Way company.

Among the advantages of working with us are:

  • proven transportation schemes from any country in the world
  • calculation of the optimal route, taking into account the time requirements and the budget declared by the customer
  • we cooperate with legal entities and individuals , we help to deliver sea cargo for individual entrepreneurs
  • we provide consulting assistance at the stage of negotiations, so that each potential client understands the principle of operation and the organization of cargo transportation by sea
  • information support for customers who entrusted us with their cargo, at every stage of product promotion, starting with the supplier and ending with a warehouse in Odessa
  • customs clearance, formation of a package of documents, professionalism, scrupulousness and responsibility of a broker in the process of customs clearance.

A service is available on the company’s website – an online calculator. By filling out a simple form, you can get preliminary amounts of cargo transportation. With the help of objective assessments of our consultant, the preliminary calculation will turn into the final figure. The service will only help you navigate and correctly adjust the budget for delivery, customs clearance of goods from Taiwan.

In order to get answers to all your questions, please call us at the numbers indicated in the contact information. Also, managers regularly check and compose responses to emails. Requests and offers can be left on the mail of the company.