Delivery of goods from Hong Kong is a profitable and promising event. Together with the logistics company “Sea Way” it is also reliable. We carry out delivery of any cargo, regardless of size and purpose. We select the most convenient rates, make lucrative offers, and meet deadlines. We know everything about the import of goods from the largest city in the world and we offer you to use our experience so that sea freight will contribute to business development.

Distinctive features of Hong Kong goods

Wholesale purchases of goods from Hong Kong have recently become the most popular business activity. There are several reasons for this:

  • selection of goods in different directions – from genuine brands to quality replicas
  • high product quality – surpasses European manufacturers
  • reasonable cost – it is more profitable to purchase at least 20% directly from the manufacturer than from the store counter.

Hong Kong is a major world trade center offering a wide range of products. Loading of sea ​​transport from the largest port of Shenzhen city is carried out with enviable consistency. Container transportation is considered the most profitable and convenient option for transporting goods.

Boot options

Goods are delivered in containers according to two loading schemes. The abbreviation lcl denotes groupage consignments . If the goods do not take up more than a couple of pallets space, there is no point in renting a full-fledged container and paying money for empty space in it. Such a scheme assumes the presence of several recipients of the goods that float by sea in one container.

In the event that the wholesale purchase is characterized by large volumes, we suggest renting a separate container. This type of package is called fcl . The cost of cargo transportation depends on the option chosen. Delivery of a passenger car , heavy equipment, and products of the shipbuilding industry is most often carried out in the second way.

Value formation

The total amount for the carriage of goods is displayed based on the following data:

  • size estimates
  • weight
  • volume in cubic meters
  • features
  • cargo insurance
  • product packaging
  • time requirements
  • selected sea route.

Also, it is important to understand what type of goods needs to be transported, and what additional measures need to be taken for its safety. The final cost also includes the costs of customs clearance .

Organization of delivery

After obtaining the customer’s consent to start the delivery procedure, the managers transfer the supplier’s contact information to the company’s representatives in Hong Kong. After agreeing on the time of departure and terms of preparation of the cargo, the goods are moved to the port of the city. Further:

  • packaging, labeling
  • loading into container
  • transportation on board
  • shipment of cargo to the port of Odessa.

Customs brokers prepare, collect and organize the documentation required for customs clearance. Customs clearance does not take much time, as well as all the procedures that customs clearance involves . Upon completion of all processes, the cargo is sent to the company’s warehouse, where it waits for the recipient. Settlement with company representatives is carried out before the delivery of the goods.

Benefits of working with us

The lion’s share of Hong Kong manufacturers and wholesalers do not offer international shipping services. Therefore, the organization of this process must be handled independently. Together with our company, each customer gets unlimited access to equipment, electronics, delicacies, clothes that were previously unavailable for purchase. We offer a full cycle of cargo delivery, legal support, broker services , as well as:

  • agreements with suppliers
  • placement of cargo in warehouses
  • complex logistics for transportation
  • customs clearance
  • finding the best route
  • respect for things, be it a car or perfumery.

All that needs to be done in order to receive the goods from Hong Kong, contact our managers at the numbers indicated in the contact information. In addition, we suggest using the online calculator service . Calculate the approximate cost of services for free by filling out a simple form. Only a consultant will be able to voice the exact numbers. The total amount includes a recycling fee , customs duties , transport services , paperwork.

We take care of all the hassle and worries about cargo transportation. More than 15 years of experience allows us to provide services at an affordable price , guarantee the accuracy of the implementation of agreements, draw up optimal routes, and tackle complex problems. We cooperate with legal entities and individuals . Euro transportation is a high-level service that allows you to receive goods quickly and profitably.