In the modern world, there are no boundaries for the delivery of goods . Any cargo can be brought from any state in the required quantity, however, the bureaucratic procedure of paperwork can “drive crazy” anyone. That is why our company provides services for paperwork, delivery and escort of cargo from the seller to the customer from Singapore and other countries, thereby saving the nerves of our customers.

The staff worked as a broker, experience exceeding fifteen years, and the average cost of providing services in customs clearance of cargo at the seaport is 100 US dollars. We conclude an agreement with each client in a currency convenient for him: hryvnia, euro , pounds, marks and in other monetary terms.

Our services

Legal entities and individuals can use our services . Government organizations, port services and shipping companies cooperate with us, so it is not a problem for us to resolve any issues related to customs clearance . Therefore, we suggest using the services :

  • Forwarding , which will allow you to control the cargo from the sender to the recipient at all stages of movement on dry land and sea.
  • Customs clearance of a boat or car, regardless of the country of the importer. Before establishing the exact cost of the procedure, the specialist determines the engine size , year of manufacture, vehicle type and technical standards. The most expensive process is the customs clearance of the boat , this requires permission from many authorities, so it is cheaper to use the services of our brokers.
  • Accreditation is required for companies starting foreign economic activity. The success of their further activities depends on the correctness of the procedure. To pass accreditation, you need to provide a minimum package of documents, which is spelled out on our website in the appropriate section.

The price list for services can also be found on the website of our company or check with brokers. We work with different countries, so it will not be difficult to arrange delivery from Korea, Singapore , Japan, China, CIS and European countries.

How to calculate the approximate cost of services

To calculate a rough estimate of services online, use our calculator. For the calculation, it is enough to fill in the columns indicating:

  • The state from which the goods are imported or exported.
  • Specify the cargo code .
  • Select the transaction currency .
  • Write down the cost of the goods .
  • Click Calculate .

The calculator will display the average cost of services. The exact price of customs clearance can be obtained from our specialists by writing a letter or by calling by phone. The cost of the service in some cases may vary depending on the difficulties encountered with the procedure.

Why do they trust us?

Thanks to the extensive experience of our brokers and good connections, our company helps to solve the most difficult issues related to the delivery and customs clearance of goods in the shortest possible time.

Also, we always insure the cargo within 5% of the indicated value of the invoice, which allows us to compensate for the damage in case of a shortage.

The cost and the list of services are clearly stated in the agreement that is concluded with each client. The contract is legally binding, which gives guarantees to our clients for quality services. We strictly follow the deadlines, so we always deliver the goods to the right place on time and complete all the necessary documents.

You no longer have to run around the authorities and collect a package of documents , our employee will do it for you. Regular customers receive discounts up to 20%, which allows them to save not only their nerves, but also their budget. At the same time, for services that include a full range of services, the discount can reach 25%.

A personal broker works with each customer, which speeds up the solution of all issues. To order services, just fill out the appropriate form on the website of our company, drive up to our office or order a call back. We will definitely contact you and explain in detail the essence of the customs clearance process.

Taking advantage of our suggestions for the procedure, you will forever remain our customers, because we offer favorable terms of cooperation and constantly improve the service .