Bangladesh’s economy is currently developing dynamically. The maximum share of income falls on the products of enterprises of the textile industry and the food industry. When importing goods , the products of these particular industries are used. Organization of cargo transportation of goods should be delegated to the responsible company. Only under this condition is it possible to receive the goods quickly, without unnecessary problems and delays. Our logistics company “Sea Way” offers to take on all the hassle of delivering a container to the port of Odessa. Transport services , customs clearance , consulting is a complex that guarantees fruitful cooperation with each customer.

Features of sea delivery

Delivery of goods in containers from Bangladesh is possible in several ways:

  • Party in modular shipments – lcl , when the need for renting of a container is missing. Such situations are quite common, since the recipient has purchased products for only a few pallets, which will take up a small area in a common container. Quite cost-effective and convenient way to arrange delivery
  • a full-fledged container – fcl, completely intended for one sender. Most often, a similar scheme is used when transporting a passenger car by sea , large-sized consignments of goods. The most rational thing is to order the design of a complete container for servicing a large logistics project.

Carriage of goods by sea ​​is carried out by leading shipping companies. There are also special containers available for the transportation of non-standard cargo.

How is the service price calculated?

Before announcing the cost of shipping in containers , managers will definitely find out all the necessary information about the specifics of the goods, discuss with the customer the requirements, wishes for the organization of the process. In order to deduce the cost of transportation, which also includes customs clearance , forwarding services, you must provide the following data:

  • volume in cubic meters;
  • weight;
  • cargo insurance;
  • the need for licensing;
  • terms of order fulfillment;
  • search and approval of the delivery route;
  • the specifics of the cargo;
  • product packaging.

In addition, the price depends on the type of cargo transported. You can calculate the preliminary amount using the online calculator on our website. With the help of the service, you can also find out about such obligatory expenses of the recipient as the recycling fee and the article about the customs duty . Please note that the final price can only be formed by the company’s manager, who will accept the request for delivery.

Delivery process

After the customer agrees to cooperate, managers contact the sender’s representatives in Bangladesh. Our employee monitors how the cargo is formed, when it is sent on board the vessel and whether the sea vessels leave the port of the country on time. Upon arrival in Odessa, containers are met by our customs brokers . Customs clearance is a mandatory procedure that requires attention, responsibility, professional approach and a high level of knowledge from the performers.

While brokers are engaged in the registration and filing of the documentation necessary for customs clearance, the cargo is at the port site. At the end of the work, he moves to our own warehouse premises. It is from there that the client picks up the goods for transportation to the final destination. The calculation is made before the delivery of the cargo.

Benefits of working with us

Our company offers to organize the delivery of cargo from Bangladesh to Ukraine. Experienced logisticians will develop the optimal route of the route, help to carry out customs clearance , starting with the preparation of the necessary package of documents, ending with transportation, delivery of goods to the warehouse.

Among the main advantages of cooperation with us are:

  • Individual approach to every customer
  • development of optimal loading schemes and estimates of cargo delivery by sea transport
  • information support of clients at every stage of cooperation
  • many years of experience, which allows you to objectively assess the complexity of the problem and quickly find its solution
  • various service packages at an affordable price
  • providing consulting assistance.

We work with legal entities , individuals, individual entrepreneurs. Euro delivery for adequate money is a service that will not allow you to exceed the budget and at the same time provide an excellent result.

In order for the manager to begin work on the organization of sea freight, it is necessary to provide data on the dimensions of the cargo, volume, weight, and features. In addition, it is advisable to indicate the trademark of the product and provide a link to it (it is a car or leather goods, it does not matter).

To complete an application, obtain additional information regarding the transportation of containers by sea, please call us at the numbers indicated in the contact information. Messages can also be sent to an email address. We promptly respond to all potential clients.