Vietnam has recently turned from just a resort country into an additional business development opportunity. The country is establishing the production of goods for any purpose: from electronics, cars to chemical products. The main difference between Vietnamese goods is quality at a quite adequate price. In order to organize cargo transportation from Vietnam to Ukraine, you need to take care of finding a responsible logistics company. Our company “Sea Way” offers its services for the carriage of goods by sea . We provide not only transport services , we help to carry out customs clearance , we guarantee the safety and security of the cargo, placing it in our own warehouses.

Features of shipping

Since from the eastern part of the country, Vietnam is washed by the sea, the country abounds in seaports. Among the largest transport hubs were:

  • Da Nang
  • Cam Ranh
  • Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)
  • Haiphong
  • Halong
  • Nha Trang
  • Dalat.

Depending on the shipping location, select the nearest sea port, coordinating dates of departure and arrival with the customer ship.

The formation of a consignment of goods can take place according to one of the schemes. If the cargo is compact enough to fit on two or three pallets, loading takes place in lcl containers . This means that several groupage cargoes are placed in one container , intended for several recipients.

If there is only one recipient, and the dimensions of the product are large enough to fill the entire container space , then the loading takes place according to the fcl scheme. Filling up to 100% most often occurs when it is necessary to organize a large logistics project. The decision on the best way to organize the delivery of goods to Ukraine is made on the basis of assessments of the characteristics of the goods, as well as its characteristics.

Value formation

The manager of our company announces the final cost only when he finds out all the necessary information about the cargo. Delivery price depends on such data:

  • weight
  • dimensions
  • volume in cubic meters
  • need for licensing
  • cargo insurance
  • origin and destination
  • delivery terms
  • product packaging.

In addition, it is important for the consultant to understand the specifics of the product. If the product requires special storage conditions, this will affect the price, since it will require the organization of specific types of containers.

Delivery procedure

Delivery of goods takes place according to several stages:

  • negotiating the cost and conditions of loading with the customer
  • establishing contact with the sender in Vietnam
  • search and route calculation
  • packaging and labeling of products
  • formation of the corresponding type of container
  • loading on a ship
  • receiving the container in the port of Odessa
  • customs clearance
  • moving cargo to the warehouse
  • settlement with the client.

Customs brokers are engaged in the preparation, execution and submission of all necessary documents. Thanks to well-coordinated work, customs clearance is quick, without causing problems or headaches for the customer.

Why us?

Our company has created a strong partner network, which allows us to organize the delivery of any cargo from Vietnam as soon as possible. Please note that sea transportation of goods takes a little longer than other types of transportation. But this option is considered the most profitable from the point of view of financial costs when importing products. We will select a scheme that will allow you to receive the goods quickly and at the same time will not go beyond the stated budget.

The website has an online calculator service . Using a simple form, each potential client will be able to make preliminary calculations of the cost of services. In addition, it is necessary to take into account such costs as recycling fees , customs duties , transportation costs.

Among the advantages of cooperation with us are:

  • many years of experience in logistics and delivery
  • proven schemes for the transportation of goods from any country in the world at an affordable price
  • courage, determination to tackle difficult tasks and successfully solve them
  • consulting assistance in the process of signing contracts
  • information support of the recipient at each stage of cargo delivery
  • safety and security of loading and delivery of goods
  • work of a broker , prompt registration of all papers necessary for customs clearance.

We cooperate with legal entities , individuals, individual entrepreneurs. Euro transportation of goods by sea allows you to receive any goods purchased in an overseas country on time and without unnecessary problems (a car , tea, coffee or electronics). In order to make an application, get advice or ask a question, please call us at the numbers indicated in the contact information. We promptly respond to inquiries by e-mail.