Thailand is not only a tourist country, but also a major supplier of various goods. If business partners are representatives of this country, it is necessary to establish communication in such a way that any cargo transportation goes smoothly, quickly, and profitably. Our logistics company “Sea Way” offers assistance in the import of products, starting with agreements with suppliers, ending with the stage of registration ( customs clearance ) of cargo in the port of Odessa. We are ready to offer proven route options, proven delivery schemes, documentary support at an affordable price .

Sea freight: Thailand

Delivery of a container from Thailand is possible in two ways:

  • lcl – incomplete container, assuming the formation of a batch of groupage cargo
  • fcl is a full container.

Choice helps to save significant costs. Transportation of goods is carried out from major port cities: Phuket, Ranong, Bangkok, Laem Chabang, Songkhla, Satun. Customs brokers will help you organize delivery, answer all your questions, hold a consultation, and give useful recommendations.

What does the cost depend on?

The total cost of loading , sea freight, including customs clearance depends on:

  • type of cargo
  • dimensions
  • volumes
  • insurance need / desire
  • urgency of fulfilling conditions
  • product feature assessments
  • customs requirements
  • delivery route
  • packing of cargo.

We take into account customs duties , recycling fees , various costs of transport services . We try to select the optimal package of services, taking into account the requirements of the recipient , the formulated conditions and circumstances.

Application process

In order for the manager of our company to be able to begin the procedure of transportation and clearance of the cargo, the client needs to inform the weight, volume , delivery conditions according to Incoterms, the trademark of the goods, and also give a link to the products (passenger car , furniture, jewelry).

The information received becomes the basis for calculating the delivery cost, including customs clearance costs . If the customer is satisfied with the received figure, the process of cargo transportation can be started. The data of the sender in Thailand is necessary for us to communicate with the supplier, which results in awareness of the terms of readiness, location of departure, formation of a container with cargo.

Sequence of actions during transportation

The cargo is delivered to the warehouse in the country of departure, after which it is loaded into containers and transferred to the ship. The ship goes to Ukraine, Odessa port. Placed on the site, waiting for the customs clearance procedure. After all the necessary formalities are completed, the cargo in containers goes to our warehouse, where it waits for the recipient.

The settlement with the manager is carried out only after all procedures have been completed, before the release of the cargo. Transportation by sea is considered the most optimal, profitable, rational solution. But it takes a little more time, which must be taken into account when ordering a service package.

Benefits of working with us

Turning to our company, each customer receives the following benefits:

  • search and calculation of the optimal route
  • perfect price-quality ratio
  • cargo insurance
  • certification service
  • consulting assistance
  • information support from a broker at each stage of cargo clearance
  • safe transportation
  • delivery on time
  • responsibility, professionalism.

Having been on the market for 15 years, we were able to work out the most profitable options for the delivery of goods from Thailand. We provide cargo transportation services to legal entities, individuals , private entrepreneurs.

How to apply and start cooperation?

In order to contact a representative of our company, you can call the numbers indicated in the contact information, write to instant messengers, to e-mail. You can get all the necessary information on the website, we also offer to carry out an independent, preliminary calculation of transportation using an online calculator. Please note that only a consultant can clarify the total amount.

The well-functioning work of the team allows us to provide an uncompromising result, delivering goods to the port of Odessa on time. Sea transportation allows you to organize the arrival of any type of goods. We take on complex tasks, organizing the transportation and customs clearance of perishable products, musical instruments, a car. We will orient the delivery according to the prices for euros , informing about all the nuances, subtleties, disadvantages and significant advantages.