Delivery of goods from Malaysia

In record time, Malaysia has evolved from an outsider country to a leader in the Asian region. Delivery of goods from Malaysia has become one of the most popular services. When imported , agricultural products, foodstuffs, electronics, household appliances enter our country. The purchase of a passenger car was also quite interesting . In an effort to meet the needs of customers for the successful transportation of goods of Malaysian origin, Sea Way has established the delivery of goods from this country.

Delivery of goods from Malaysia: features, algorithm, capabilities of our company

Cargo transportation , in fact, is a fairly simple stage of transporting goods from point A to point B. Completely different efforts are required to legally register the import of cargo into the country. For the formation of contracts, collection of documents for customs clearance , the search for a professional customs broker takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, we offer high-quality and fast provision of not only transport services , but also take over customs clearance .

Sea transport is one of the most profitable options for those who want to save money and at the same time be confident in the reliability and safety of goods on the way. In addition to the low cost, the carriage of a consignment by sea has no restrictions on dimensions and weight. For transportation, special containers are used , which are selected taking into account the type of cargo, weight, dimensions.

We offer downloads according to one of the proposed schemes:

  • lcl – formation of groupage cargo in containers for several recipients. The most optimal option for those whose purchases can easily fit on one or two pallets, leaving enough free space for placing the cargo of several more participants
  • fcl – rental of a full-fledged container, which will be filled with goods for one recipient . Lots of this type will be the solution if a large-scale logistics project is needed.

Our company, after agreements and agreement on all the nuances of cooperation, begins work on the organization of delivery. The representative of “Sea Way” in Malaysia, having received the contact details of the sender, closely monitors all stages of the formation of the cargo. Starting from the port area, ending with the placement of the container on board the ship.

Upon arrival at the port of Odessa, customs brokers begin the customs clearance procedure. A prepared package of documents and a streamlined process scheme allows you to get the goods on your hands in 1-2 days. Payment with us is made only after all the conditions of the contract have been fulfilled, before the delivery of the goods.

How is the cost calculated?

Before announcing the total amount, the manager scrupulously and carefully examines all the features of the goods being transported. For this, the customer must provide data:

  • weight
  • dimensions
  • volume of cargo in cubic meters
  • cargo insurance
  • customs requirements according to Incoterms
  • packaging
  • desired delivery time.

Having clarified all the necessary information, the costs are calculated. Customs clearance and all associated costs are also already included in the total amount. Utilization fee , customs duty costs , registration of the necessary documents are taken into account when deriving the cost of services.

In order for clients to have the opportunity to independently carry out preliminary calculations, an online calculator can be found on the company’s website . The algorithm, based on the data entered by the user, will calculate the cost . Please note that the numbers are not final and require specialist adjustment.

The advantages of contacting our company

The Odessa logistics company for the delivery of international cargo offers its services to everyone who wishes to establish partnerships with overseas suppliers. A car or rice, tea, coffee, electronics or textiles – we will help you to quickly receive the goods without burdening ourselves with organizational and legal issues. We have been on the market for over 15 years. During this time, they were able to develop an impressive baggage of experience, knowledge and skills that help to cope with tasks of any complexity.

Among the advantages of cooperation with us:

  • sea transportation at an affordable price from Malaysia, any other country in the world
  • guarantees of reliability, safety and control of cargo along the entire route
  • consulting assistance in the process of negotiating cooperation
  • transparent, comfortable terms of the contract
  • we work with legal entities, individuals
  • legal support
  • customs clearance in a short time
  • high rates of customer ratings and a well-functioning partner network.

Most of the euro cargo transportation is sent from such port cities of Malaysia as Klanga, Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jai, Johor Bahru, Ampang Jai. We will select and draw up a logistically competent route. To receive answers to all your questions, consultations, please call the numbers indicated in the contact information or send applications by e-mail.


Prices for company services

Shipping cost from Malaysia

The cost of customs duty can be calculated using the customs calculator located on our website or by consulting a broker.
Service  The cost
Cargo delivery From 200 to 400 dollars per 1 cubic meter and depends on the density and cost of the cargo
Broker services From $ 100 to $ 400 and depends on the number of product codes in the declaration
Forwarding in the ports of Malaysia 150 dollars
Loading a 20 'container on board a ship in Malaysia 350 dollars
Freight by sea for a 20-foot container Malaysia - Odessa 600-800 dollars and depends on the chosen shipping line
Unloading a 20-foot container from a ship 400 dollars
Port forwarding 100 dollars

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