The Philippines is a tourist country. But these are far from the only benefits that Ukraine receives from this state. When importing goods , rice, coconuts, processed fish, cars, chocolate, glass products and many other categories of products enter the ports of the country. In order for any cargo transportation by sea not to create problems, headaches, it is necessary to choose a reliable logistics company. Sea Way is a company that specializes in the delivery of goods from the Philippines. Transport services , customs clearance , consulting assistance – we provide a full range of sea freight services at an affordable price .

Sea freight

Goods in containers can be assembled according to two principles:

  • incomplete container ( lcl ) – picking a batch of groupage cargo , when there is no need to rent a whole container , since only a few pallets with products are prepared for shipment
  • full container ( fcl ) – lease is rational only when the scheme is one sender-one receiver. This scheme is most often used when servicing a huge logistics project.

Sea transportation can be organized for reasonable money and at the same time invest in a fairly short time. The consignee’s cargo is loaded from the three main ports of the country: Sibu, Manila, Davao. Depending on the characteristics of the cargo, we select the most optimal container options. Attention and a responsible approach guarantees the safety of the goods, even if they are perishable products or fragile, expensive products.

Cargo transportation procedure

Our company begins to conduct a meaningful, constructive dialogue with each client at the very first communication. We answer all questions, explain the principles of container transportation, orientate on prices. Having received consent to start cooperation, we take the sender’s data from the customer for communication and start negotiations on the transportation of goods.

Our representative in the Philippines engaged in the collection of goods in containers, documentary registration , loading onto the ship. The vessel arriving at the port of Odessa is met by customs brokers . Customs clearance takes place smoothly, quickly, without delays and problems. The settlement of the broker with the customer is carried out after all the delivery work has ended.

How the cost is formed

Sea freight is one of the most popular types of goods transportation. This is easily explained by the fact that such transportation allows you to get Filipino products in a short time, without spending extra money.

The final price is based on the following data:

  • type of cargo;
  • volume in cubic meters;
  • dimensions;
  • weight;
  • cargo insurance;
  • registration of certification;
  • terms of order fulfillment;
  • delivery route;
  • the selected type of packaging;
  • characteristics of the cargo.

Regardless of what kind of goods is on the way (a car or rice), we will quickly, efficiently organize all the work on transportation and customs clearance. In order to find out the preliminary cost of services, you can use the online calculator. The service will allow you to determine the recycling fee , the cost of transport services, as well as determine the customs duty . Please note that the final figures can only be announced by the company’s manager in person.

What are the delivery times?

The search for a route is carried out taking into account weather conditions, the frequency of departure of the vessel from the port of the city, customs points that will need to be passed, the terms set by the customer and budget restrictions. All these nuances must be taken into account when ordering urgent delivery . Sea cargo transportation is distinguished by the fact that it has longer travel times along the route, since cargo ships do not differ in the possibility of developing high speeds.

Benefits of working with us

Our company offers its services to everyone who needs to quickly, efficiently, professionally deliver goods from the Philippines. We have been on the market for 15 years. During this time, we managed to accumulate a fairly impressive baggage of knowledge and experience in the euro transportation of goods from overseas countries.

Together with us, each customer receives the following benefits:

  • delivery according to proven schemes and proven formulas
  • Individual approach to each client
  • selection of the optimal route, the most profitable tariff plan based on estimates of terms and requirements
  • prompt customs clearance of a passenger car , expensive equipment, food, any goods
  • providing full reports on the work performed
  • informing customers at every stage of transportation
  • consulting services.

By contacting our company, clients get confidence that each cargo transportation will be organized at the highest level. Employees will readily take on a task of any complexity. We provide an uncompromising result of sea delivery accurately within the specified time frame.

We work with legal entities , individuals, individual entrepreneurs. To get help, calculate the cost, information on the principles of cooperation with our company, apply for the delivery of products from the Philippines, please call us at the numbers indicated in the contact information. Also, requests can be sent by email.