Our company provides services for customs clearance of goods from different countries , including South Africa . Specialists provide full documentary support until the end of the procedure. Now it will be easy to clear a car or other cargo through customs, just use the services of our customs broker.

You can order customs clearance by leaving a request on the website or call us back yourself. The cost of services is from $ 100 and includes the preparation of all the necessary documents. Brokers with 15 years of experience work with our clients. The first export deal is free of charge. You can familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract on the website of our company .

Company Services

We provide a wide range of services related to the import and export of goods through the seaport. All customs documents are processed according to the current legislation and the type of cargo. You can order services from us:

  • Port forwarding. Thanks to cooperation with shipping and port companies, officials and government organizations, our company fully controls: unloading and loading operations, payment of fees and duties, inspection and weighing of goods, valuation in euros, delivery of goods from different countries by sea, including South Africa .
  • Customs clearance of the boat . This type of service involves many problems, which is not fun, and the process itself can take months. Our broker will take care of all the problems and reduce the time for processing the documentation: accompanying and permits for goods and declarations.
  • Rastam transport . We can order customs clearance of a car, motorcycle and other equipment from South Africa .
  • Container transportation . The tariff is constantly changing, so check the cost of the service with our brokers.
  • Delivery of goods . The goods are delivered to the address indicated by the client with the registration of all customs documents.
  • Accreditation . If your company is engaged in foreign economic activity and you need accreditation, we will arrange everything. To do this, it is enough to provide an extract from the state register, TIN and passport of the head of the company and responsible persons, indicating their phones registered with the tax service.

Cooperating with us, you will save time and money on design documentation, but can also reduce the period for processing of cargo regardless of its type.

Customs clearance fees (South Africa)

To calculate the volume of customs clearance services , use our calculator . To do this, enter:

  • Cargo code .
  • The country from which the goods are transported .
  • Select the currency of the contract.
  • Estimation of the value of the cargo in the selected currency
  • And click calculate .

The calculator will calculate the approximate cost of customs clearance, taking into account the requirements of Ukrainian legislation. The cost may vary slightly, so it is better to check with your broker. Also online you can see a price list with a detailed price.

Why you should contact us

Our company employs qualified employees who know the laws and have extensive experience behind them. We guarantee a loyal attitude towards each client and try to provide the necessary service as quickly as possible .

All types and costs of services are clearly stated in the agreement. If you are engaged in the constant supply of goods from abroad, we will provide favorable conditions for cooperation on a long-term basis. What will it do for you? You no longer have to be nervous about tracking goods and paperwork, you don’t have to run around government agencies, we will do everything for you. Moreover, this is relevant given the region – customs clearance from South Africa is a rather complicated process that requires knowledge of the nuances and specifics of the country.

It is important that we insure the cargo in the amount of 5% or more of the invoice, which ensures its safety during delivery, and in case of shortage detection, we will fully compensate for the losses.

The deadlines are strictly adhered to, so the goods are delivered on time. Here you can consult for free on foreign economic activity related to the export and import of goods, as well as on customs clearance and transportation by sea of ​​various types of cargo.

Our contacts are listed on the main page of the site, you can call our specialist or leave a request for a call back. We will personally calculate the cost of services for you and tell you about all stages of the transaction process.