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The cost of a car in China (CROZZ PRO 601km)


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The cost of a car in China (X PRO 617km)


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Video review ID6 Crozz Pro

Video review  ID6 Crozz Pro 1

Video review VOLKSWAGEN ID.6 

VOLKSWAGEN ID.6 CROZZ PRO is presented as a medium to large size electric SUV with a 7- and 6-seat layout, a spacious and flexible interior.

In general, the car continues the design of the ID family. The front end features the closed grille common in new energy vehicles. Penetrating type top, the LED strip effectively expands the lateral visual impact of the front of the car. Both sides are equipped with ID.Light matrix headlights, which have a strong technical texture. In addition, the car also comes standard with LED daytime running lights, adaptive high and low beams, automatic headlights, headlights and headlamps with delayed closing, and other features.

The Volkswagen ID.6 CROZZ electric car is positioned as a medium-large SUV, with a length, width and height of 4891 × 1848 × 1679 mm and a wheelbase of 2965 mm. The body side design of this model has a certain crossover style, the whole car is outlined with smooth lines, while the door is equipped with a semi-hidden door handle, which has a strong sense of technology.

The interior design and materials of the Volkswagen ID.6 CROZZ are relatively simple. The Central Control Display and LCD screen are the interface for interacting with information in the car, and it is also equipped with an augmented reality head-up digital display. The three-spoke steering wheel right in front of the main driver has a flat design, the steering wheel is wrapped in fine leather, and the function buttons on both sides have audible and vibration feedback when touched. Although the 5.3-inch LCD screen is small in size, the information that can be displayed inside is very rich, and it is also equipped with a shift mechanism on the right side of the screen. The center console part corresponds to the floating 12-inch central control display, the design of the internal user interface interface is relatively simple, and at the same time supports voice control.

The salon of this model provides electric adjustment of the main seats and the seats of the second passenger, heating of the front seats, electric memory of the front seats. The interior of the front seats of the new car has a moderate degree of softness and rigidity.

This model offers two different seating arrangements: 2+3+2 7-seat and 2+2+2 6-seat, of which the 6-seat version is equipped with two independent seats in the second row and the cushions are quite wide. The adjustment method is manual, the rear floor can be basically flat, and the space flexibility is good. The seat cushions in the third row are similar to those in the first two rows.

Volkswagen ID.6 CROZZ is divided into single-engine and twin-engine versions. The medium and basic single-engine versions are equipped with drive motors with a power output of 132 kW and 150 kW respectively. The profile of the all-wheel drive version matches the twin engines front and rear. Power is 230 kW and total peak torque is 472 Nm. In addition, this model is also equipped with batteries with a capacity of 62.6 kWh and 84.8 kWh respectively, and the corresponding CLTC range is 460 kilometers, 601 kilometers and 550 kilometers respectively.


This package features Parallel Help Line, 360-degree Panoramic View, Reverse Side Warning, Spot Auto Parking, Head-Up Digital Display, Mobile Phone Wireless Charging, Front Seat Massage and Power Seats, Driver and Co-Seater Seat Added Memory, Heated Seat, interior 30-color ambient lighting, rear independent air conditioning, car air purifier, negative ion generator, digital augmented reality projection display, etc.

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