Bringing a car from Italy is associated with the specific legislation of this country. According to Italian law, cars are not removed from the register until they leave the territory of Italy. Therefore, we recommend that our clients, without removing the car from the register, drive it to Ukraine. Cross the border on the basis of a preliminary declaration. After crossing the border, send documents confirming that the car has left the European Union to remotely deregister it. And having received the appropriate document, register the car in the import customs regime. It is important to take into account one point from the Italian car seller, whether he can remove this car from the register remotely. The rules are different and depend on the region of Italy. In connection with the introduction of a visa-free regime, the borders for Ukrainians have become open. The choice of many compatriots fell on Italy. The country is known for its resorts and brands. However, our motorists are interested in customs clearance of cars from Italy. Italian cars are known for their reliability and affordable cost. Whether it is a luxurious Lamborghini or a budget Fiat, buying a used car is a good investment.

How much does it cost to drive cars from Italy to Ukraine

Our company provides free consultations. At any convenient time, you can contact our specialists. Having indicated all your wishes, you will be offered the best option. The cost depends on the distance and type of vehicle. You can find out more by calling the free hotline.

Driving a car is carried out in several steps:

  • The model and brand are determined.
  • Our specialists provide all available options. The parameters of the car, mileage, condition are indicated and a photo is attached.
  • Having decided on the choice, the client agrees and we prepare the necessary documents.
  • How to clear a car from Italy to Ukraine

The operation is quite possible to carry out independently. However, we view the process in terms of urgency and comfort. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to contact a professional broker. It all starts with finding a seller. The European market is oversaturated with offers. But the likelihood of a collision with unscrupulous sellers is not excluded.

Customs clearance of cars in Ukraine from Italy is one of the main activities of our company. Our specialists are familiar with all customs inspection procedures. We undertake the preparation of all the necessary papers. Our profile also includes searching for a seller and making a purchase. The car is provided only after passing the mandatory technical inspection.

Ferry and purchase

Since 2005 the company has been operating in this segment of the services market. One of the priority directions of our activity is the purchase and transportation of cars from Italy. If the seller provides a discount, 50% of the saved amount remains with the company. The cost of this service is 500 euros. You pay € 500 for:

  • Advising on choosing a car;
  • Analysis of the offers for sale provided by the client;
  • Search for more profitable offers;
  • Cooperation with sellers;
  • Work with documents;
  • Establishing the date of the inspection;
  • Car reservation before arrival.

A company representative will travel to Italy and assess the condition of the purchased car. The integrity of the body, painting, interior is taken into account, as well as diagnostics of the electronic component of the car. After all the activities, work is underway on the preparation of papers and registration of the VAT refund. After delivery of the car to the customs point, our specialists provide assistance in obtaining the Euro 5 certificate.

Additional travel costs:

  • A trip from Ukraine to Italy – from 90 to 150 euros per person;
  • Work with documents to Italy (purchase and export) – from 130 to 250 euros (car insurance, tax transactions, registration of numbers, temporary registration certificate, export declaration);
  • Fuel purchase – from 100 to 200 euros;
  • Overnight in hotels / hotels (rest) – from 100 to 150 euros;
  • Toll roads to Italy – from 12 to 15 euros.

Popular cars from Italy:

  • VOLVO.

How much does customs clearance cost

Passing through customs is a time consuming process. It is almost impossible to determine the full cost of the operation without knowing all the nuances. It is recommended to use the calculator on our website to find out the cost of customs clearance for a car from Italy. The question price includes:

  • VAT;
  • Excise duty;