For several years, used cars from Belgium have been popular in Ukraine. These cars have a number of advantages. The machines are durable and reliable in operation. Before the sale we drove on high quality European roads. Machines serviced at European service centers live much longer.

The Belgians use the car as a means of transportation, not as a luxury item. Therefore, a regular change of car is a common thing for them. Why is it worth buying a car from Belgium?

  • The European market is filled with a lot of lucrative offers;
  • A large number of sellers – a wide choice;
  • Our company will search for a seller / purchase / customs clearance.

We have been working in this segment of the service sector for over 10 years. For everyone who is planning to buy a foreign car, a free consultation is available. At any time, our specialists are ready to provide their services. Car enthusiasts looking for great deals will get the best option.

Our company also purchases and transports cars from Belgium. The total cost of the service is 500 euros. At the same time, if the seller provides a discount, the company retains 50% of the saved amount. What are you paying 500 for? Included in the price:

  • Advising on choosing a car;
  • Analysis of the offers for sale provided by the client;
  • Search for more profitable offers;
  • Cooperation with sellers;
  • Work with documents;
  • Establishing the date of the inspection;
  • Car reservation before arrival.

In this case, our employee personally goes to Belgium, where he inspects the selected vehicle. The state of painting, the integrity and serviceability of the electronic component is assessed. After making sure that all the terms of the transaction comply with the contract, we proceed with the paperwork and VAT refund. Having delivered the car to Ukraine, we help to obtain the Euro 5 certificate.

Additional travel costs:

  • A trip from Ukraine to Belgium – from 90 to 150 euros per person;
  • Working with documents to Belgium (purchase and export) – from 130 to 250 euros (car insurance, tax transactions, registration of numbers, temporary registration certificate, export declaration);
  • Fuel purchase – from 100 to 200 euros;
  • Overnight in hotels / hotels (rest) – from 100 to 150 euros;
  • Toll roads in Belgium – from 12 to 15 euros.

Popular cars from Belgium:

  • Gillet.
  • BMW 520d MX11.

How much does it cost to clear a car from Belgium

It is widely believed among our compatriots that Belgian cars are among the cheapest in Europe. Our company has been working in this area of ​​the service sector for over 10 years. Our specialists are ready to provide their services at any time.

How much does customs clearance cost for a car from Belgium

It is important to set the price of the operation. Moving a vehicle from another country has a lot of nuances. To calculate the full cost, you can use the car customs clearance calculator. It contains all the current provisions of the law.

The cost of customs clearance includes:

  • VAT (value added tax);
  • Excise duty. It is calculated based on the type of car and its parameters;
  • Import customs duty;
  • Customs clearance.

For each type of vehicle, the customs clearance price is different. But any car from Belgium is cheaper than buying a factory car from an authorized dealer. However, electric vehicles are not taxed at customs clearance. The Belgians put up vehicles for sale in almost perfect quality. At the same time, the car has low mileage. This is due to the desire of every European to maintain a good reputation. But our company can ensure complete security of the transaction.