Japanese cars attract users with their low price and functionality. In this country, a vehicle that has been in use becomes half the price. You can calculate the cost of customs clearance for a car from Japan to Ukraine using an online calculator. The Sea Way company has experience in transporting cars from Asia and Europe to Ukraine.

How to buy a Japanese car

A small number of Japanese cars are presented on the Ukrainian market. Used and new vehicles are on sale, prices for which are set at very high prices. It is more economical to order delivery and customs clearance of a car from Japan from our company.

The seller’s agents deliver the purchased car to the Japanese port where our warehouse is located. Here we accept it and start preparing for transportation. That is, we place it in a container and fix it securely there to prevent damage. Then the container is loaded on board the ship heading towards the Ukrainian ports in Odessa, Chornomorsk or Yuzhny.

In Ukraine, a car goes through the unloading procedure, during which the broker is engaged in the preparation of the necessary documents.

To speed up the procedure, the owner must timely pay customs duties (duty, excise duty and VAT), which can be calculated using the online customs calculator or contact our broker for advice.

Cost of delivery

To calculate the cost of our company’s services, the prices can be found in the table.

Service Cost in dollars
Forwarding in ports of Japan 50$
Loading a car into a container and fixing it 150$
Loading a 20-foot container on board the ship 350$
Freight by sea for a 20ft container 1200$
Unloading a 20-foot container from a ship 400$
Port forwarding 100$
Unloading a car from a container 350$
Customs broker services 250$

It is difficult for the owner to issue customs clearance of a car from Japan to Ukraine on his own. Many who do not want to use the services of intermediaries do not know what pitfalls await them, therefore they face great difficulties.

Professional transportation, customs clearance of a car from Japan takes up to 45 days from the moment the car arrives at our warehouse.