Increasingly, a Ukrainian buyer decides to buy a car in the United Arab Emirates. Despite the fact that in this country car production is not put on stream, it is profitable to buy vehicles there. This is due to the low price of the cars. For this reason, new vehicles often appear in specialized dealerships, and used vehicles go to car markets and auctions. In addition, customs clearance of a car from the United Arab Emirates in Ukraine is possible only if it meets environmental standards.

Where are the major car markets

There are several shopping malls in Dubai that present used cars. Some of them show cars with left-hand drive, others with right-hand drive. Indians work here as sellers, but they have no right to vote, and you need to bargain with the indigenous people of the country.

There is another market located 50 kilometers from the city where quality cars are sold. Having bought a vehicle from a private resident, the buyer must remove it from registration. This is a procedure that takes place at the local police station.

How is a car delivered to Ukraine

Sea Way has extensive experience in purchasing and customs clearance of cars from the UAE. When the customer has chosen a car for himself and made a purchase, we take the car to our warehouse located in the port. Here it is prepared for dispatch: the fuel is drained, the pressure in the wheels is normalized. After that, they are placed in a container where they are securely fixed. This must be done so that the machine does not move during the roll and does not damage against the container walls. The container is loaded aboard the vessel and follows the direction to one of the Ukrainian ports: Odessa, Black Sea or Yuzhny.

Upon arrival, our forwarder takes the car and takes care of all the formalities for sending it to the owner. The broker fills out all the necessary documents for customs clearance.

To speed up the procedure, the owner must pay customs duties on time, which can be calculated using the online customs calculator or by calling our broker to clarify all the details.

Service cost

How much customs clearance costs for a car from the Emirates can be calculated by looking at the prices in the table.

Service Cost in dollars
Forwarding in the ports of the UAE 150$
Loading a car into a container and fixing it 150$
Loading a 20-foot container on board the ship 350$
Freight by sea for a 20ft container 2200$
Unloading a 20-foot container from a ship 400$
Port forwarding 100$
Unloading a car from a container 350$
Customs broker services 250$