At the time of hostilities in Ukraine, we bring to your attention current prices for the delivery of cars from China immediately to Ukraine for 3 pcs. in container:

Shanghai (Shanghai), Tianjin (Tianjin) – Reni (Odessa region, Ukraine).

Direct service of the Maersk shipping line.

Transit time 47 days + 5 working days for forwarding in the port of Reni and customs clearance.

The cost of delivery is $3300 per 1 car, subject to loading 3 cars in a container, including the services of a forwarder and a customs broker.

Terms of payment: 30% upon arrival of the car at the port in China 70% upon arrival of the container in Reni Damage insurance – 0.5% of the cost of the car,

but not less than $ 350, a deductible of $ 300.

The queue for booking is about 2 weeks.

More than 20 million passenger cars are manufactured in China, which puts the country in a leading position. Here you can see brands from well-known brands such as Brilliance, BYD, Changan, Chery. Electric vehicles are also in great demand. Therefore, consumers ask themselves the question: What if you bring a car directly from China? Is it profitable to deliver a car from China to Ukraine or not?

How to buy and deliver a car from China

The Chinese are not always distinguished by their friendliness, so there will be many problems with buying a car and taking it out of the country. To make a purchase, you should contact our company SEA WAY, and we will take care of all the hassle of delivering cars from China to Ukraine and draw up documents for customs clearance.

In the Celestial Empire, the cost of a car is 30-40% lower than in a domestic auto show. Here you can buy a used car with minimum mileage in excellent condition at half the price of a new car.

After buying a new or used car by our client, the seller delivers it to our warehouse in any major port in China. Here it is prepared for loading by placing it in a container and securing it securely. After that, the container is loaded on board the vessel and proceeds to the ports of Ukraine: Odessa Sea Trade Port, Sea Trade Port “Chornomorsk” or Sea Trade Port “Yuzhny”.

At the port, our forwarder is engaged in unloading the car and observing all formalities. The broker fills in the necessary documents for customs clearance.

Documents for car delivery from China through the Ukrainian customs

If you decide to buy a car using the services of our company, we guarantee fast delivery and paperwork. All you have to do is pay the customs duty, excise duty and VAT, which can be calculated using a customs calculator or contact our broker for advice. In addition, you will need to prepare documents according to the list:

  1. passport and TIN code of the owner of the car on which we plan to clear customs;
  2. sales contract or invoice, indicating the cost of the car;
  3. a document confirming that the car has been removed from the register in China. A Chinese export declaration will do.

After we deliver the car to Ukraine, you just have to register the vehicle in your name.

How to calculate the cost of car delivery from China

The calculation of the cost of delivery of cars from China to Ukraine is based on the size of the car, established by the customs value.

Service Cost in dollars
Forwarding in ports of China 50$
Loading a car into a container and fixing it 150$
Loading a 20 ‘container on board a ship in Guangzhou 350$
Freight by sea for a 20-foot container Guangzhou – Odessa 1200$
Unloading a 20-foot container from a ship 400$
Port forwarding 100$
Unloading a car from a container 350$
Customs broker services 250$

After our company receives an order from a client for the transportation of a car from China, it takes about one month before it arrives at our warehouse in the port. Container delivery takes from 28 to 45 days, depending on the location of the Chinese port.

Book a car with our help and after 45 days you will be able to pick it up from the port of Odessa.