Becomes more popular in 2018. Prices for cars in Poland are significantly lower than domestic ones. Foreign car owners put up cars in good condition for sale. It is much cheaper than buying a car from authorized dealers.

Why is it more profitable to buy a car from abroad? Moving a vehicle from Poland has its advantages:

  • Close distance (relative).
  • Most of the sellers are bona fide car owners.
  • No difficulties using the services of our company.

Having been in business for over 10 years, we have studied all the subtleties of haulage and customs clearance of cars. If you are in doubt whether to contact us or not, a free consultation is available at any time of the day.

The company profile includes the purchase and transportation of cars from Poland. The total cost of the service is 500 euros. Our specialists can get a discount from the seller. In this case, 50% of the saved amount remains with the company. You pay € 500 for:

  • Advising on choosing a car;
  • Analysis of the offers for sale provided by the client;
  • Search for more profitable offers;
  • Cooperation with sellers;
  • Work with documents;
  • Establishing the date of the inspection;
  • Car reservation before arrival.

Our specialist personally travels to the country selected by the client and inspects the vehicle. The inspection includes: test drive, checking the integrity of the car and the state of the interior, as well as electronics diagnostics. Further, documents for the car and VAT refund are drawn up. Immediately after delivery, we provide assistance in obtaining a Euro 5 certificate.

Additional travel costs:

  • A trip from Ukraine to Poland – from 90 to 150 euros per person;
  • Work with documents in Poland (purchase and export) – from 130 to 250 euros (car insurance, tax transactions, registration of numbers, temporary registration certificate, export declaration);
  • Fuel purchase – from 100 to 200 euros;
  • Overnight in hotels / hotels (rest) – from 100 to 150 euros;
  • Toll roads – from 12 to 15 euros.

Popular cars from Poland:

  • Fiat
  • Volkswagen
  • Opel

How much does customs clearance of a car from Poland cost?

Before making a deal, you need to solve the financial side of the issue. When driving a vehicle from abroad and customs clearance, you need to take into account some of the nuances. Use the calculator for customs clearance of a car from Poland on our website to calculate the final cost of the operation. The calculator takes into account the current changes in legislation.

The criteria taken into account when calculating the cost of customs clearance:

  • VAT (value added tax);
  • Excise rate. This takes into account the type of vehicle and parameters (engine size, dimensions, etc.);
  • Import customs duty;
  • Customs clearance.

The cost of customs clearance for different types of vehicles is different. Of course, customs clearance and driving a car from abroad are more profitable than buying from official dealers. Poles put up cars for sale in good quality. Often the mileage of these cars is not above average. Favorable terms of the transaction are due to the specifics of the European market. But it is much more profitable to carry out transportation and registration using our services.