Unreasonably high customs taxes on the import of cars from abroad to Ukraine provoke constant debates with government officials. The key argument in this matter is, for example, customs clearance of a car in Georgia. This country boasts the most loyal rates.

It is not strange that after the entry into force of Laws 3251 (1389), which reduced the excise tax on the import of cars, buyers are increasingly turning their eyes to the Georgian market. It was this fact that provoked the appearance in the list of Sea Way services in helping to choose and buy a car in Georgia on order, or to deliver a car from Georgia to Ukraine. It is not surprising, because the cost of transport on the Georgian market is more than 30% lower than in Europe and, accordingly, almost half as low as in Ukraine.

This information is checked quite quickly, by a simple comparison of prices on Georgian resources with the Ukrainian cost of a car. To search for a car in Georgia, it is convenient to use the autopapa.ge/ru portal.

Features of buying a car in Georgia

A key feature of the Georgian car market is the fact that most of the cars are imported from the United States. For those who have wondered about buying an American or Japanese car, it makes no sense to try their luck in European markets. But Georgia is an excellent alternative and a way out of the situation.

The popularity is also due to the fact that in order to get to Georgia you do not need to overcome colossal distances or fly over the ocean. You can get to the car markets of the country either by direct and fast flight, or by ferry, and the same way back, already with the purchased vehicle.

Nuances, difficulties and pitfalls

However, with all the advantages of buying and driving a car from Georgia, there are a number of disadvantages. In most cases, they relate to the awareness of the buyer himself. Thus, a huge number of Georgian cars were purchased in America after road accidents or the impact of hurricanes, typhoons and other natural disasters, which are not uncommon for the United States.

The basis for the right choice of a car in Georgia is a keen eye and professionalism. This is true for both newcomers to the automotive world and professionals. Our experts will help you choose the best car with excellent performance. A trained eye, professional intuition, knowledge of the peculiarities and nuances of legislation – these are the factors that make a purchase with us the most correct decision.

It is also important that the vehicle you choose fully fits into the requirements of Law 1389. For this car:

  • must not be over 10 years old;
  • must not be manufactured or imported from the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • must comply with the environmental standard Euro5 or higher.

The last point is one of the main pitfalls when buying a car in Georgia. This is due to the fact that American standards are somewhat different from European ones. So, for example, different states with different degrees of severity refer to environmental standards. This can lead to a number of difficult situations.

Possible problems

Today, there are a lot of incidents when cars were brought in from America or Georgia and fully met the first two requirements of the law. And already during customs clearance, it turned out that the eco-standard of car data was the fourth, and not the fifth, as required. As a result, the buyer was literally left with nothing.

That is why one of the key tasks of the buyer is to discuss this issue with an expert. To facilitate the process, you can focus on the plate with the purpose of the car for the California market. If the situation is the opposite, and the car is not intended for the California market, the car is not suitable for importing it into Ukraine.

List of actions when buying a car in Georgia

It is best to plan a trip in Georgia for a car as follows:

  • actually, choose a car (or better, several options for confidence);
  • enlist the support of a broker;
  • calculate the required costs;
  • choose a place to sleep;
  • purchase ferry or plane tickets;
  • buy a car;
  • establish communication with the broker and follow the instructions in the future;
  • overtake the car (this can be done both with the help of a ferry and on its own);
  • get instructions for driving on Ukrainian territory;
  • enjoy your shopping.

Selection, delivery and customs clearance of a car from Georgia without problems

It would seem that with all the serious requirements, the question of buying and clearing a car from Georgia becomes especially difficult. However, you can get rid of headaches and problems. The help of professionals in their field is the best solution for those who want to acquire a quality car at an affordable price and choose the Georgian car market as a place of purchase.

To understand all the subtleties and nuances of driving in and customs clearance, to receive detailed instructions and recommendations – all this can be done with us at Sea Way. Thanks to our help, the process goes smoothly and smoothly, without hesitation, delays and pitfalls. Deprive yourself of the dubious happiness of facing a bureaucratic machine, contact the experts and enjoy the opportunity to use your own new car from Georgia as soon as possible after purchase.

Frequently asked Questions

The procedure for buying and customs clearance of a car from Georgia

First you need to choose a car and buy it in Georgia. Then it is delivered to Ukraine: on its own or by ferry. Entrust a broker with cleaning the car for legal operation on the territory of Ukraine.

How long does it take to clear a car from Georgia?

For a beginner, this procedure can be a real adventure with many days of running around the offices to get another certificate or certificate. A customs broker will do all this in just 3-4 days after the car is brought into the country.

What is the advantage of buying a car from Georgia?

Georgia has more loyal laws on the import of cars from the United States. At the local car market, they are 30% cheaper than in Europe and 50% cheaper than in Ukraine.

What documents are needed for customs clearance of a car from Georgia to Ukraine?

The list of documents is standard. We need papers confirming the cost of the car: a copy of the payment, an expert assessment. It is also important to obtain a certificate of environmental compliance with standards. You may need a certificate from the service station, confirming the technical condition of the car. The customs broker will collect all these documents in a couple of days and submit them to the appropriate authorities.