Today our number of Ukrainians is increasing, choosing cars from Lithuania. Foreign cars with Lithuanian numbers began to appear more often on the territory of Ukraine. This trend is driven by significant savings. Western car owners sell cars in excellent condition. The cost of such a transaction is significantly different from buying “off the line”.

Clearing a car from Lithuania to Ukraine is more profitable than buying a new domestic car. Arguments in favor of driving a vehicle:

  • Lithuania is the near abroad.
  • Finding a bona fide seller is much easier in the European market.
  • Good technical condition compared with Ukrainian counterparts
  • Low cost of machines

For more than 10 years our company has been providing services in the field of buying / moving vehicles from abroad. We are ready to advise each client and suggest the most optimal transaction option.

Also, our company provides services for moving cars from Lithuania. The purchase and transportation cost is 500 euros. If you receive a discount at the auction, we keep 50% of the saved amount. The cost of services (500 euros) includes:

  • Advising on choosing a car;
  • Analysis of the offers for sale provided by the client;
  • Search for more profitable offers;
  • Cooperation with sellers;
  • Work with documents;
  • Establishing the date of the inspection;
  • Car reservation before arrival.

Employees of the company personally go to the agreed place and inspect the vehicle. The check consists of: a test drive, an assessment of the interior condition and diagnostics of the electronic component of the vehicle. We process all documents for cars and VAT refunds. After delivery, the company’s specialists issue a Euro 5 certificate for the client.

Additional travel costs:

  • A trip from Ukraine to Lithuania – from 90 to 150 euros per person;
  • Work with documents in Lithuania (purchase and export) – from 130 to 250 euros (car insurance, tax transactions, registration of numbers, temporary registration certificate, export declaration);
  • Fuel purchase – from 100 to 200 euros;
  • Overnight in hotels / hotels (rest) – from 100 to 150 euros;
  • Toll roads – from 12 to 15 euros.

Popular Lithuanian cars:

  • AUDI
  • Bmw

How much does customs clearance of a car from Lithuania cost?

When planning such a deal, you first need to know about the price. In the case of moving a vehicle from abroad, many factors are taken into account. The cost of customs clearance for a car from Lithuania can be calculated using a special calculator. The program includes the current provisions of the normative acts. Having entered all the parameters of the car, you will find out the full cost of the operation.

What is taken into account when calculating the cost?

  • Value Added Tax (VAT);
  • Excise rate. The amount of the fee is formed based on the type of vehicle and its parameters.
  • Import customs duty.
  • Customs clearance.