There is a fairly wide selection of noteworthy cars on the American car market. The automotive industry in America has always been at a high level. Cars, even used ones, have excellent performance due to good roads and high quality of the fuel used. Therefore, if you value quality and reliability and want to buy a decent car at an affordable price, you should think about bringing a car from the USA. Thus, you can significantly save money on the purchase and acquire the desired vehicle.

Why is it better to drive a car from the USA

Driving a car from America is really beneficial for those who want to buy a car made in the USA.

This decision is based on a number of good reasons.

  • The world leadership of the American car market in terms of sales and a huge selection of cars for every taste.
  • The low cost of exclusive or rare cars, which are considered very valuable in our country and are practically not found on sale.
  • An opportunity to purchase cheap cars from popular and well-proven American car brands such as Ford, Jeep, Hummer, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Lincoln, etc.

The modern car enthusiast today has a wide range of options for acquiring the transport of his dreams. You can visit the car market or car showroom, get acquainted with the assortment presented on the sites for the sale of used cars. You can also plan a trip to Europe, such as Germany or Poland, in order to choose your car there. Many motorists who give preference to reliability, comfort, high quality of the car, know how to significantly save their budget and at the same time become the owner of a really good vehicle. They choose American cars.

Despite the fact that the marking of the temperature scale is indicated in degrees Fahrenheit instead of Celsius, and the mileage is in miles instead of the usual kilometers, cars from the USA have a lot of advantages:

  • Highest quality. Car manufacturing companies are constantly trying to improve their technical characteristics, because American consumers put forward quite serious requirements for the build quality of the car and its operational reliability.
  • Rich equipment. Compared to cars made in Europe, American cars are much better equipped. Even inexpensive cars are made with full power accessories, power steering, air conditioning, titanium discs, etc.
  • Excellent condition of the car. The highest level of decent service and excellent road conditions keep the car in perfect condition. The manufacturer’s warranty covers all vehicles up to 3 years with mileage up to 80,000 km. In the event of a breakdown, all malfunctions are eliminated by the manufacturer.
  • Comprehensive information about any car. America’s centralized database stores data about every vehicle that has been registered in the country. Therefore, it is easy to find out about the purchased car all information of interest to the buyer: from the number of owners to the number of accidents. It is very convenient when shopping.
  • Big choice. Americans like to change their cars every 3-5 years, so manufacturers offer a wide range to attract potential buyers. Used cars for such a short period of operation remain in excellent condition and will be a good purchase.
  • Ease of purchase and affordable prices. You can buy a car in the USA without leaving your own home via the Internet. An attractive factor is rather democratic prices, which are much lower than European and Ukrainian ones.

Vehicle condition (new, after an accident) In the USA you can buy:

  • new cars;
  • whole used cars (at auction);
  • broken cars after an accident;
  • used whole cars (from hands).

Due to the saturation of the American car market, concerns practically do not increase the cost of new models, and even gradually reduce it. As for the cars that were in use, it is recommended to buy those whose age is from 3 to 5 years. This is due to the fact that the price of a car with operation for 3 years falls by half.

It worth buying from auctions.

Online specialized car auctions are a cheap and reliable way to buy a car in the United States. To participate in the auction, you need the Internet, registration and a collected package of documents. If you win, you pay for the lot and conclude a contract with the forwarder. He, in turn, hands over the car to a trusted transport company for transportation. Then, a permit document for export is issued, the car is reinforced in a container and loaded onto a ship.

What auctions are reliable and what do they offer?

At which auctions you can make a purchase, let’s take a closer look:

  • One of the large closed auctions. Most of the lots are whole fully serviceable cars. The goods are exhibited by dealers, manufacturers, service centers.
  • Ebay Motors. A public auction where you can bid for free. There is a large number of offers here, but there is a risk of stumbling upon scammers.
  • Copart. An insurance auction where you can buy used cars written off by insurance companies. For example, it can be cars, the repair price of which does not exceed 40% of their current
  • market value. There is also a car after accidents, theft or theft with minor damage.
  • (or Insurance Auto Auctions). An insurance auction similar to Copart, not as big, but with great benefits. For example, by publishing a photo with a VIN-code – an individual
  • number, which allows you to study the entire history of the purchased car using it.
  • Barrett-Jackson, Russo and Steele. Reputable auction houses for top-notch vehicles.