Delivery of cargo from China to Kyiv involves the selection of options that are interesting in terms of time and cost. At the same time, all stages are optimized, from the search for a supplier to the receipt of goods in Kyiv. This approach allows our clients, using their material resources correctly, save money and direct them to business development.

Our Services

We are ready to provide our clients with the following services:

  • transportation and customs clearance of vehicles brought from all over the world to the territory of Ukraine;
  • search for suppliers of goods in China;
  • delivery of goods from China to Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine;
  • warehousing in China and Ukraine;
  • forwarding in ports;
  • customs broker, etc.

In addition, we offer to take on various organizational issues: checking supplier companies, buying products from various sites, including online stores, checking the completeness and quality of goods.

Our specialists will consolidate your goods, pack them and deliver them from China to Kyiv in one container.

Our employees speak Chinese and are able to negotiate, form an opinion about the supplier, and establish communication with him.

Most often we are asked for services such as:

  • issuance of export documentation;
  • communication with suppliers;
  • Check manufacturers/suppliers;
  • checking products that have arrived at our warehouse for further transportation;
  • purchase of products, including from Internet sites;
  • consolidation and storage of goods in a warehouse;
  • packaging.

You can contact us with any problem you have. We will help you solve it.

Stages of work on delivery from China to Kyiv

All issues of delivery of goods to Kyiv, after the conclusion of the contract, are handled by our specialists.

  • First, we establish contact with suppliers of products, pick them up and place them in our own warehouse.
  • Then we check the cargo, make a video and send it to you for review.
  • We arrange the goods in China.
  • We provide insurance for especially valuable cargo.
  • We transport cargo to Ukraine by container.
  • We clear the goods in Odessa.
  • We deliver to Kyiv by the carrier company of your choice.

The turnkey service is now in demand, in which we are also looking for suppliers / manufacturers.

Delivery of goods from China to Kyiv

Delivery methods

Delivery of goods from China to Kyiv is carried out in whole containers or groupage cargo. It takes place in combination: by sea, and then by road.

Today, we deliver goods to Odessa from any Chinese port. We carry out customs clearance. And then we reload the goods on a truck and bring them to you, to Kyiv.

The most profitable for you is the delivery of a whole container. However, we are ready to deal with the consolidation of goods from various suppliers and deliver the goods to your warehouse in Kyiv.

Delivery time — approximately 50 days, but they may fluctuate due to the unstable situation.


We offer cargo delivery from China to Kyiv, starting from 200 USD per 1 m3. The final price will depend on the type and volume of goods.

Additional services and customs clearance also affect the cost.

It is important to remember about payments such as

  • duty, which ranges from 0 — 20%;
  • VAT is always 20%;
  • broker rate — 5 thousand UAH;

Our prices always correlate with the quality of our services.

Schemes of work

We offer you cooperation with us according to the following scheme:

  • you send an application, we check it, clarify the information, determine the best delivery methods and calculate the cost;
  • you agree on the contract, and we sign it, while the cost will not change;
  • we receive the cargo at our warehouse in China, consolidate (if necessary), check, pack;
  • we deliver to Ukraine;
  • we carry out customs clearance;
  • we bring the cargo to Kyiv by the carrier company of your choice and hand it over to you

Then you pay for our services.