Our company does not just deliver goods. Our goal is to help our customers find partners among Chinese businessmen and manufacturers, and then build long-term partnerships and build strong relationships.

Delivery of goods from China to Kharkiv is important because the city is one of the most important transport hubs in Ukraine. It has an excellent infrastructure, a developed network of roads. All this helps to quickly deliver goods to various regions of the country and to the city itself.

Delivery from China to Kharkiv

Delivery of goods from China to Kharkov takes place without your participation, after the conclusion of the contract. Our employees deal with all emerging issues, perform all operations.

  • To begin with, we select a supplier of goods (if necessary), help to conclude an agreement, make payment.
  • We receive the purchased goods to our warehouse, check it for completeness, quality with photo fixation. We send the shooting to you.
  • We arrange the export of goods outside of China.
  • We insure the cargo in case of its high cost or other parameters. We are responsible for the safety of the goods.
  • We deliver to Ukraine.
  • We carry out customs clearance of goods.
  • We deliver cargo from China to Kharkiv.

We also carry out the consolidation of cargo from various suppliers, its packaging and shipment in one container.

Scheme of work when delivering cargo from China to Kharkiv

Schematically, our work on the delivery of goods from China to Kharkiv can be represented as follows:

  • after receiving the application, we consult and agree on delivery routes, terms, the need for insurance, etc.;
  • a contract is concluded with a fixed price;
  • receipt/delivery to our warehouse in China;
  • registration of the export of goods from the country — it is mandatory to check the conformity of the quality, quantity and completeness of goods with photo fixation;
  • transportation of goods to Ukraine;
  • customs clearance;
  • transportation to Kharkiv — carried out by a carrier agreed with you.

These are the main stages of our work. In addition, there may be, for example, the consolidation of goods in our warehouse, their packaging and loading into one container for subsequent delivery. Preparation of a list of possible suppliers of the desired product. Or shipping to different addresses in Kharkov.


The minimum cost of cargo delivery from China to Kharkiv is $200 per 1 m3. It is affected by the type of product, its volume and other parameters.

We should not forget about the need for customs clearance, arrived in Ukraine. This is:

  • VAT, which is 20% of the declared value of goods;
  • duty ranging from 0 to 20% and other payments.

Our specialists will tell you about them in detail in the process of consulting, even before the conclusion of the contract. You will be fully informed about all possible difficulties and necessary payments. However, unforeseen expenses are still possible. But in our company they are practically excluded.

Our Services

For more than 17 years, we have been engaged in the transportation and customs clearance of goods imported from around the world. The main channel for the delivery of goods — sea. It is the most stable and cheapest transportation option.

Our clients supply a large number of vehicles to the Ukrainian motor transport market. The most popular cars are vehicles made in the USA, EU and Korea. Recently, electric vehicles have come into fashion, leading this automotive industry in China. From it comes the main stream of electric cars.

We deliver cars from China to Kharkiv by sea. After that, the cars are reloaded onto trucks and come to the customer.

We carry out warehousing of goods in our own and attracted warehouses and their forwarding, as well as provide customs broker services.

Our specialists are ready to assist in the selection of suppliers/manufacturers in China. And also connect to your deal at any stage.