We deliver goods from China to Dnepropetrovsk for large, medium and small businesses. Our clients calmly go about their business while we take care of the search, registration, payment, delivery of the goods they need.

A contract with a fixed price is concluded at the beginning of cooperation, after which the price does not change. And we guarantee the terms and safety of the cargo.

How goods are delivered from China to Dnipro

Delivery from China to Dnepropetrovsk goes without the participation of customers. That is, our experts deal with all issues. You do not have to worry about damage to the cargo in transit, customs clearance, compliance of goods with the nomenclature and quality, and much more. We deal with all these issues.

  • At the first stage, we contact suppliers and collect products from their warehouse.
  • Then we check the products with a fixation of all stages and send a photo to you. We will not let any product that does not comply with the contract pass further.
  • We carry out customs clearance.
  • We offer you cargo insurance. At the same time, we assume all financial responsibility for the time of transportation of goods.
  • We bring cargo from China by container/groupage.
  • We carry out customs clearance in Ukraine.
  • We deliver goods to you in Dnepropetrovsk from China.

Ordering turnkey services may also include the search for suppliers and the conclusion of contracts with them.


The cost of cargo delivery from China to Dnepropetrovsk starts from 200 US dollars per 1 m3 and depends on the type and volume of the product. The final price is influenced by customs payments and necessary additional services.

Don’t forget about payments like:

  • duty — 0 — 20%;
  • VAT — 20%;
  • broker services — 5 thousand hryvnia;
  • delivery to the Dnieper — of your choice.

We offer attractive prices for the delivery of groupage cargo.

Delivery methods

Delivery of goods from China to Dnepropetrovsk can be carried out:

  • marine;
  • by car.

To Dnepropetrovsk, we offer combined shipping from China Sea — Truck

We work only with proven Ukrainian carriers and offer you the best options to choose from.

Scheme of work

The scheme of our work is as follows:

  • Receiving an application — clarification of the necessary information, formation of an offer at a price.
  • Signing a contract with fixing the cost of services.
  • Search for goods for delivery to Ukraine.
  • Contracts, payment, receipt of goods at the warehouse.
  • Checking compliance with the quality and completeness of the order. Occurs with photo-video fixation, after which the information is sent to the client.
  • Delivery, customs clearance and shipment to Dnepropetrovsk.

The development of your business is important to us. Therefore, we offer favorable rates, interesting conditions for cooperation with us, and constant contacts with suppliers from China.

We accompany you at all stages of the transaction, we are ready to connect to the previously started process, to eliminate all difficulties.

Shipping from China to Dnepropetrovsk

Our services

The main services provided by our company are:

  • Customs clearance of vehicles from various regions of the world: America, Europe, Asia, including electric vehicles.
  • Delivery of goods by sea, by road.
  • Port Freight Forwarding
  • Customs brokerage
  • Search for suppliers of goods.

This is not all we can offer you. Our specialists are ready to connect to your transaction at any stage and solve all the problems that have arisen.

Our advantages are:

First of all, long-term cooperation with Chinese manufacturers of quality products without intermediaries. This makes it possible to minimize the cost of goods.

Secondly, full escort of goods with customs clearance.

Thirdly, own and borrowed warehouses in various countries, including China.

Fourthly, turnkey services — starting from finding suppliers and ending with the transfer of goods to you within the country.

Fifth, fixed prices.