Sea Way offers delivery and customs clearance services for solar panels from China. This is just one of our activities, we transport various groups of Chinese-made industrial products, as well as equipment and vehicles.

Our specialists know everything about the delivery and customs clearance of solar panels from China. The increase in demand for these products is due, among other things, to interruptions in the supply of electricity and the desire to independently ensure the stable operation of devices. And constantly improving technology has made solar panels durable and profitable, which allows you to earn on their wholesale supplies from China.

Features of delivery and customs clearance of solar power plants

The products of Chinese manufacturers, in comparison with similar products of European origin, are cheaper and often of high quality. In terms of assembly level, they are approximately on the same level. This allows the demand for solar panels from China to constantly grow.

What are the advantages of Chinese batteries? Let’s take a closer look:

firstly, the efficiency of polycrystals is 18%, and single crystals — 22%;

secondly, Chinese manufacturers have increased the wear resistance of products, bringing it to 80% over the warranty period, that is, degradation will be less than 20% ;

thirdly, the manufacturer controls every stage of production with strict culling. This helps to prevent low-quality products from reaching the buyer;

fourthly, manufacturers do not stop there, and improve their products, making them better every year.

China supports its manufacturers, which allows them to compete in the international market. And our customers can order solar panels from China with great profit.

Let’s now consider the features of the import of products. For companies importing solar panels, the Ukrainian government has established a tax exemption of 20% of the amount of imported products. To do this, do the following:

  • all products must be used only for the individual household or in the importer’s production;
  • Indicators of imported products (batteries or their elements) must differ from products manufactured in Ukraine.

You can get a benefit by contacting the Ministry of Energy and getting confirmation from them that it differs from Ukrainian products. However, it can be difficult to fulfill all the conditions. And the bulk of Chinese solar panels imported into Ukraine do not fall under the proposed exemption. However, this does not mean that there is no opportunity to minimize costs. Contact our specialists, they will select the goods and calculate your costs, helping to reduce them.

Solar cell classifications

Difficulties with the classification of solar panels arise in almost all importers. This is due to the lack of a classification principle. Each battery is different. Therefore, experienced buyers seek help from our brokers who have been working with this group of goods for a long time.

For the correct declaration of wholesale solar panels from China or their components, use the knowledge of our specialists. The total cost of products purchased in China will depend on this in the future.

Subdivision of panels occurs depending on the physical parameters. They are:

  • flexible;
  • hard.

Flexible ones are gaining more and more popularity. They differ in subtlety and take the form of the surface on which they are installed. In addition, such panels can be placed on almost any side of the building, giving it a high-tech touch.

Hard — less popular, mainly because they are easier to damage.

In addition, the panels differ in the types of substance of the photovoltaic layer.

  • silicon — are divided into amorphous (7%), mono (15%) and polycrystalline (13%);
  • based on selenium, indium, gallium;
  • tellurium-cadmium — The efficiency of such panels does not exceed 15%;
  • organic;
  • polymer — have an efficiency of 7%;
  • combined;
  • layered.

Silicon panels are considered the most popular for individual consumption. You can order and buy such solar panels from China cheaper than others. That is why they are more often found at sellers on the Ukrainian market, despite the rather low efficiency.

Order the delivery of solar panels from China with us

Before you buy solar panels from China, try to calculate all your costs for shipping (quite complicated at the moment), customs clearance, transportation to the place of use, taxes, etc. And then contact our specialists and ask them to search for suppliers and full settlement of the transaction, with delivery right to your door. And you will see the difference.

Talk to our brokers, consult with them, ask all your questions and don’t be shy about them. Your task is to choose the right, least expensive, guaranteed way to purchase solar panels and deliver them to Ukraine.

We will help you with this!