You can order delivery of goods from China to Zaporozhye directly on our website. We work so that you can find the goods you need, deliver them to Zaporozhye, and, therefore, earn more by developing your business. Everything we do helps you get the right product in the best possible time at the lowest cost. We have a lot of experience and reasonable prices.

Why is it profitable for you to order cargo delivery from China to Zaporozhye

Delivery of goods from China to Zaporozhye is carried out according to the following schemes.

First — assistance in establishing imports from China. This is:

  • search for products and suppliers needed for your business;
  • negotiations, analysis of contacts, conclusion of contracts;
  • checking and preparing the product for transportation for correct and quick customs clearance;
  • selection of optimal transportation conditions, depending on the volume and type of goods;
  • carrying out customs procedures;
  • delivery from China to Ukraine;
  • customs clearance;
  • selection of a carrier company;
  • delivery in Zaporozhye.

Depending on the cargo, changes may be made to the interaction scheme.

Second — support in the development of your business. This is:

  • we organize the delivery of goods from China to Zaporozhye;
  • we will take care of the import of goods, arrange delivery under our contract;
  • we will pay for the goods in China, accept them at our warehouse, check them, send you a video confirmation of completeness and quality;
  • consolidate your product;
  • we will issue insurance for goods of great value;
  • We will deliver the goods to the point you specified as soon as possible.

We will help you in any difficult situation that may arise during the delivery of goods, we will connect and solve problems.

Prompt delivery, reliability and value for customers

Interaction with us consists of the following steps:

  1. Application — we check and analyze it and prepare an offer with the calculation of the timing, cost and ways of transportation.
  2. Agreement — we coordinate with you all the parameters of cargo delivery from China to Zaporozhye. We sign it.
  3. Delivery — pick up, check, if necessary, consolidate. We carry out customs clearance and load into a container.
  4. Get — we bring you the cargo with all documents confirming customs clearance.

You only have to pay for our services. This type of interaction is beneficial for our customers.

Working with us, you can run your own business, relying on us to deliver goods from China to Zaporozhye.

  • We have trained specialists (logistics, declarants, etc.) who know the specifics of working with China well and speak the language.
  • We create and use only those routes that eliminate delays in transit. This gives the minimum delivery times. We clear goods in 1 day.
  • We prescribe the cost in the contract. It does not change, which eliminates your financial risks.
  • We offer insurance for high-value cargo and take all the risks of damages.
  • We accept all payment methods.

Over the 17 years of our work, we have transported a huge amount of cargo. Almost 90% of them were delivered ahead of schedule.

Delivery methods

We carry out the delivery of goods from China to Zaporozhye by combined transport. From China, the cargo goes in a container by sea. Then we carry out customs clearance and send it to you by a truck of your chosen carrier.

Agreement on the terms and methods of transportation is carried out at the stage of concluding the contract. It fixes the cost, which subsequently does not change.

Delivery of goods from China to Zaporozhye


Tariffs for container transportation from China to Zaporozhye start from 200 US dollars per 1 m3 of cargo. The cost depends on the type of goods and their volume.

In Ukraine, we work only with trusted carriers, offering you the most interesting options to choose from.

Our Services

You can order from us:

  • Delivery of goods from China to Zaporozhye by sea and by road.
  • Customs brokerage
  • Customs clearance of vehicles, as well as electric vehicles from all regions of the world.
  • Forwarding.
  • Storage.
  • Transportation on the territory of Ukraine.

If necessary, we can find suppliers from China, manufacturers, and conclude a supply agreement with them.

We can offer you much more than the described services. If you have any questions, just contact us, we will connect to solve your problems.