The military situation forced to change all the supply chains of Ukraine. Delivery of goods by sea has moved from the ports of Odessa to Turkish and European ports, from where it is delivered by land to the addressees. Delivery of goods from China, including electronics, by air also takes place through European airports. Then there is reloading to ground transport, which delivers the cargo to the borders of Ukraine.

In such difficult conditions, not all logistics companies were able to survive and maintain the trust of customers. Sea Way has established new channels for the delivery of electronics from China, made new friends, and gained strength.

Delivery Features

Due to the increasing demand for Chinese products, the logistics of sea and air transportation have changed significantly over the past few years. But last year, in connection with the hostilities in Ukraine, not only it changed, but also the range of products. Significantly increased demand for electronics from China. Most customers order:

  • portable power stations and batteries;
  • gas and simple generators;
  • transformers;
  • inverters;
  • converters;
  • electric motors, generators, batteries;
  • charging stations and power banks;
  • lanterns;
  • solar panels.

Everything that will allow Ukrainians to maintain their energy security, provide their homes and families with energy and warmth. The frequency of power outages is increasing every day. And the need for generators, transformers, charging stations is growing. Citizens of Ukraine buy everything they need to maintain their usual comfort and protect against power outages.

The delivery of batteries, gasoline generators, power banks, chargers to Ukraine from China is in particular demand.

The Chinese government has recently adopted restrictions on the export of batteries and accumulators. They can only be transported in batches, and not as part of groupage cargo. Our company imports electronics from China to Ukraine, both by sea containers and by air.

Order delivery from us

Sea Way specialists will select the necessary electronics and electrical goods for you, find a seller, help you buy in China, carry out delivery, carry out customs clearance and transfer to you in Ukraine.

Sea Way — your reliable and responsible partner. We take care of almost all issues. As a professional carrier, we have also built up a huge number of relationships in China with manufacturers and suppliers of electronics and electrical products. Thanks to this, we will quickly select the right seller for you, agree on a price and delivery time. We can make a deal without your direct participation.

We have a huge number of successful transactions on our account. The specialists of our company understand all the intricacies of communication with Chinese citizens, so we guarantee a positive result saving your money and time.

You can rely on us. We will monitor the quality of electronics, its packaging and transportation from China to Ukraine.

Our specialists control the packaging of your electronics before loading into the container. This is necessary to deliver it safe and sound, since the manufacturer often delivers the goods in simple boxes.

Managers will select the route, type of delivery, make a full calculation, tell you what happens to the goods at any stage.

We ourselves are engaged in customs clearance of cargo, draw up all the documents. That is, you receive it in Ukraine already cleared by customs.

You can track the delivery of equipment from China almost online.