China has long been one of the leaders in world trade, not least due to the huge number of goods produced in the country. But not only. The country has one of the most efficient and convenient trading platforms where manufacturers, buyers and sellers meet. This is Alibaba. She is responsible, among other things, for delivery from Alibaba to Ukraine or another country.

It is not correct to think of Alibaba as an ordinary online store. This is a large service for bulk purchases, where suppliers and buyers can contact, negotiate the terms and cost of supplying a consignment of goods, place orders, etc. That is, the platform works like B2B. And the logistics company Sea Way can act as an intermediary between businesses that solves emerging organizational issues. As a result of our work, your customers receive high quality goods and within the agreed time.

How a teacher created a multi-billion dollar business

Ma Yun is the creator of such a world-famous brand as Alibaba. In his early years, he did not show great promise. Born into a family of musicians, he was one of three children. However, quite purposeful and unlike others. By the age of 12, the boy decided that in order to succeed, he needed to learn English. He chooses to communicate with foreigners, and every day for 8 years he goes to a hotel located quite far away, listens to radio broadcasts in English and tries to practice on his own.

The language gave him the opportunity to earn his first money. Ma began to give tours in English and quickly got his middle name – Jack, it was easier for the tourists to call him that. The boy expanded his horizons by communicating with foreigners, improved the language, learned new things.

He almost did not communicate with his classmates, they teased him, the boys fought. The boy did not study well, it took many attempts to pass the exams. However, Jack Ma entered the university as an English teacher, however, only the third time. After graduating, he became a university teacher and quickly became a leader among teachers.

But the salary was small, it was not enough to support the family, because by that time Ma had married. He tried to change jobs, but to no avail, meeting refusals everywhere. Then he organized his own business — small translation agency. And it helped. In 1995, he went as an interpreter with a delegation to the United States, where he saw the Internet for the first time and realized that there were no goods from his country on the Internet.

When he came back, he was on fire with the idea of representing China on the Internet, but he did not understand it at all. He found like-minded people, borrowed money and created a directory of Chinese companies, like the China Pages website. How much he earned on this project is not exactly known, but in any case less than Elon Musk, who, in parallel with Ma, made a similar project, only in America, selling it for $ 307 million.

In the late 90s, Jack Ma worked at the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, where he headed the e-commerce department, helping to create websites for government organizations.

In 1999, he decided to return to business, gathered friends and talked about a new interesting project. Only 17 of them supported Ma, and they became co-founders of Alibaba, having received shares in the project. Initially, it was not successful, but the owner’s creativity, his desire to promote the platform, his desire to create a convenient trading tool and customer focus brought results. Investments went into the company, programmers and techies were additionally hired. Only by 2022, the firms reached self-sufficiency, since then it has only been growing.

Today, Jack Ma owns the entire Alibaba Group. Includes:

  • Alibaba,
  • Aliexpress,
  • Taobao
  • Alipay,
  • Yahoo! Kouber and others.

This is one of the biggest companies in the world.

Key features of Alibaba

Alibaba has become popular due to the convenience of trading. So, firstly, there is wholesale between entrepreneurs from all over the world on the site. It presents goods not only, but mainly from China, as well as Vietnam, India, Pakistan and other countries of Southeast Asia.

Secondly, Alibaba does not have the concept of a shopping cart, where individuals put the goods they are interested in. There are negotiations between the supplier and the buyer regarding:

  • lots of goods;
  • its cost;
  • delivery times;
  • other conditions.

But the product search itself is similar to other platforms. The search bar, rubricator, categories, etc. are used. You can also search not for products, but for suppliers in a particular region. Alibaba makes it possible for the buyer to place a request for an item (what, batch and price) visible to suppliers. The Sea Way company will act as an intermediary between the supplier from China to Ukraine and the buyer, and will also deliver.

How to use search and buy products

Now let’s look at how to search and buy on Alibaba. Delivery from Alibaba to Ukraine is simple. You just need to understand how to find the right product and order it.

What needs to be done! To access the trading platform, you must:

  • register — enter your name, company you represent, phone number to contact you, e-mail, password;
  • find the right product — use the minimum number of words, enter a description of the product or model, do not specify the country in the search line, it is entered next;
  • Correspond with supplier — negotiate the size of the lot, negotiate the price, find out the terms;
  • make a deal.

If you need to find a product quickly, then place a product request online. Suppliers will see it and make an offer to deliver goods from Alibaba to Ukraine.

The whole purchase procedure takes some time, which sometimes is not. In this case, please contact us. The Sea Way company will select a supplier of the necessary products for you, negotiate, draw up documentation and deliver from Alibaba to Ukraine.

Shipping costs

How to deliver goods from Alibaba and how much will it cost? Ordering goods on Alibaba requires confirmation. But first you need to agree on the terms of sending. Wholesale trade is subject to FOB standards, according to which:

  • Seller:
    • delivers the consignment to the port of departure;
    • loads onto the ship;

this ends the responsibility for the cargo;

  • buyer;
    • indicates the ship on which the goods are loaded;
    • next takes responsibility.

The full steps of the buyer are:

  • Agreeing delivery terms from the Alibaba website;
  • formation of accompanying documents;
  • finding a Ukrainian logistics company, negotiating the cost of shipping from Alibaba to Ukraine indicating a specific location;
  • waiting for goods.

You can also order express delivery of goods from Alibaba to Ukraine. Or postage. But they will be significantly more expensive. These options are suitable for small batches or retail items.

When ordering the services of our company, you get a full calculation of the price of delivery from Alibaba. It will be influenced by the types of delivery: by sea, by air, etc.). The cheapest delivery option from China to Ukraine — by sea.

Delivery times

How long does it take to send a parcel from China to Ukraine? Delivery times for goods from Alibaba are also affected by modes of transport. The shortest — up to 10 days (but this is express delivery), the longest — up to 40 days by sea. The latest and cheapest.

The buyer chooses depending on the urgency and cost. Express delivery is on average 5 times more expensive than shipping by sea.

Sea Way specialists will make a full calculation of delivery from Alibaba to Ukraine in accordance with the chosen mode of transport and urgency.

Shipping from Alibaba with us

So, buying products on Alibaba is not the same as on Aliexpress or Taobao. There is no basket here, you only need to order a batch of goods, negotiate the price, terms and other conditions, conclude a deal, negotiate delivery and carry it out.

Sea Way can take care of all this. We, as intermediaries, will support the entire transaction: from the moment the company is registered to the receipt of goods in Ukraine. Our specialists speak Chinese and are able to negotiate not only through an interpreter, but also directly with suppliers.

We are ready to connect to your transaction or search for goods at any stage.

If necessary, you can order translation services separately from the others.