Buying a good boat abroad is certainly a pleasant event, but transporting a ship across the border of Ukraine is associated with many difficulties. Customs clearance can take more than a month and will cost a fortune. Do not forget that if the boat has equipment and other expensive equipment, you will have to pay tax for it.

If you are unfamiliar with customs procedures, they will not give you pleasure at all.

It is best to seek the help of a professional broker. He will take on all the problems and in the shortest possible time with minimal costs will cross the border with the desired product. In order not to be unfounded about the difficulties of communication with customs officers, we present the facts on the basis of the Law on the Common Customs Tariff under number 2097-XII. After getting acquainted with them, the question of how much it costs to clear a boat in Ukraine will disappear by itself. Let’s just say – expensive, but you will see for yourself.

To collect duties at customs clearance of the boat in Ukraine

Boats and yachts according to UKTZED belong to the group of goods with code 8903.

When passing the Ukrainian customs on the vessel you need to have the following official papers:

  • customs declaration;
  • Permits and shipping documents.

Customs clearance includes:

  • customs duty of 0.2%;
  • state duty of 12% (for individuals) and 20% for legal entities;
  • Value added tax of 20% (charged on the customs value of the goods and state duty).

All taxes are calculated based on the customs value. It includes all the costs of the goods incurred by the buyer to the border with Ukraine (purchase, packaging, registration, etc.).