Economic ties between Ukraine and Mexico are expanding year by year. Until recently, it was quite difficult and expensive to send goods from Mexico or back. This was due to a lot of bureaucratic obstacles.

Now routes have been developed, connections have been established. We can deliver goods from Mexico quickly and safely.

The trade turnover between Ukraine and Mexico is constantly increasing. More than with the United Mexican States, from Latin America, Ukraine trades only with Brazil.

Sea Freight from Mexico

Mexico is washed from the East by the Gulf of Mexico, and from the West — the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California. It has a sufficient number of ports for sea transportation of goods from Mexico.

Mexico supplies most of all to Ukraine:

  • drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic);
  • coffee;
  • vehicles (cars from Mexico cars and trucks);
  • optics;
  • chemical products;
  • drugs.

Large consignments of goods are, of course, transported by sea because of their reliability and cheapness. Sea delivery of goods from Mexico is carried out by a full container or groupage cargo, which is completed in our warehouse.

If necessary, we will deliver your goods to a warehouse or port of departure in Mexico using local transport companies.

Our managers will help you calculate the cost of sea transportation, call them or leave a request on the site.

Delivery time depends on the type of cargo and the port of departure (east or west coast) and takes up to one and a half months.

Air Freight from Mexico

Air delivery from Mexico is much faster than sea delivery. It takes up to 3 days for the transportation of general cargo up to 50 kg on passenger flights. A freighter for dangerous goods or those with large dimensions can be used.

We provide clients with turnkey services, which include:

  • customs clearance and preparation of all documentation for the import and export of goods;
  • cargo delivery;
  • insurance;
  • storage in a consolidated warehouse, etc.

The cost of air transportation is calculated individually. It is influenced by the dimensions, weight of the goods, the place of departure, the airport of arrival, the use of combined transportation, in which the cargo arrives at a European airport and then is transported by road to its destination, customs clearance of goods, etc.

The managers of our company will provide you with a full calculation of international transportation.

How we work

The best option for our clients and the most frequently used option for our interaction is turnkey transportation. It includes:

  • consulting on delivery, transportation, choice of route and mode of transport, discussion of the cost;
  • conclusion of an agreement, which fixes the terms, transport, type of cargo, cost and much more;
  • acceptance of cargo for transportation with registration, loading and other services;
  • transport to destination;
  • customs clearance;
  • delivery to destination.

We work not only with commercial cargoes, but also with personal ones.

We are ready to connect to the transportation of your cargo at any stage.

Recently, multimodal transportation from Mexico to Ukraine has become in demand. They include transportation by sea or air to one of the ports (including airports) in Europe, followed by reloading the goods onto vehicles or rail cars. Thus, there is an optimization of the cost of transportation and terms. Air transportation becomes cheaper, but with an increase in delivery times. And the marine — a little more expensive, but faster.