Sea Way organizes the delivery of goods from Canada to Ukraine and back. Transportation of goods takes place within the established time limits by air and sea. The safety of the cargo is guaranteed.

The company carries out cargo transportation from Canada on a turnkey basis. Sea Way is also ready to connect to the transportation of your cargo at any stage.

Turnkey work happens according to the following algorithm:

  1. You call us and tell us about the need for transportation. Managers advise you, the most optimal route and mode of transport is selected.
  2. A contract is concluded with a full description of the cargo, terms, cost, etc.
  3. Acceptance and customs clearance of cargo, warehousing, loading.
  4. We transport goods by air or sea.
  5. Upon arrival in Ukraine, customs clearance is carried out.
  6. And finally, delivery to the address specified in the contract.

We work with personal and commercial cargo.

Sea Freight from Canada

Sea transportation from Canada is considered the most budget option. But longer than the air. Delivery is carried out by containers with the formation of groupage cargo. Orders are collected at the warehouse at the port of departure. As the package is completed, container transportation of goods by sea to the port of destination (Odessa region) takes place.

Most often, oversized cargo, equipment, large consignments of goods are sent in this way. And also:

  • vehicles and accessories for it;
  • raw materials and materials;
  • equipment for trade, industry, etc.

Shipping by sea allows you to guarantee the safety of the transported goods.

Duration of cargo delivery from Canada can reach one and a half months. Especially in the face of uncertainty in international relations.

The cost of delivery is discussed with the manager at the stage of drawing up the contract. For example, delivery of a car from Canada to Ukraine will have a price consisting of container transportation of goods by sea, customs clearance at the port of departure and destination, escort services, etc.

We deliver goods by sea not only from Canada to Ukraine, but also to Canada. This is how they transport:

  • lumber;
  • carpentry products;
  • textile products;
  • cars and railway locomotives, as well as spare parts for them.

Of course, this is not a complete list. Companies can order international transportation of any products that are allowed by customs rules.

Air freight from Canada

The fastest way to deliver goods from Canada is by air. She is also the most sought after. Its main advantages are:

  • speed;
  • reliability;
  • accuracy (to destination).

There is also a drawback — this is its cost. This is not a cheap form of transportation.

It is used to deliver the following goods from Canada to Ukraine:

  • perishable food products (fruits/vegetables, agricultural products, etc.);
  • fish and seafood;
  • drugs;
  • high-value goods (jewelry, antiques, etc.).

Fast air delivery from Canada will help preserve the products and guarantee the integrity of the goods. The transfer takes place from hand to hand. If necessary, additional transport is used, but rarely.

Air transport can carry out small cargo transportation from Canada to such large cities of Ukraine as Kyiv, Lvov, Odessa, Kharkov, etc.

We also carry out the return transportation of goods from Ukraine to Canada. Mostly personal and valuable items are sent by international air transport.